Townes in his early 20s
Found in his mother's dresser
(Dorothy Van Zandt)
after she died in 1993
photo provided by JVZ
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 1999-2022 What's new and webpage log 
 Len Coop,,
 Hans en Riet Golverdingen,
30 Dec 2022 - Another update to Townes Timeline & Appearance Schedule - Now there are over 2,580 items such as posters, ads for shows, setlists, photos, etc. Thanks to Hans for so many years of great research and archiving! Please send any additions/updates/corrections to Hans!.

23 July 2019 - Another update to Townes Timeline & Appearance Schedule - even more new material from Hans! [1940-60s] [1970s] [1980s] [1990s] [MISC. UNDATED]. The 40s-60s are now separate from the 70s. There are hundreds of new entries even since 2018 thanks to Hans, and thousands of total entries! Now .txt and .pdf files have thumbnail images so you can look before you click! There are some minor issues I will not mention, but note this is always a work in progress done to support scholarly research on Townes Van Zandt, not for profit or any other purpose. This time I used the same directory as last years timeline, which I copied to here; [1940-70s]. This will help avoid confusing the search engines but even this last link, for comparison and to help Hans and I find errors, will probably get logged by the search engines!

23 Mar 2019 - Updated the TVZ Discography with Comments as the NEW record, "Sky Blue" has been out a couple of weeks now. I added several other entries, for Austin City Limits (a record store day release from 2017), and several grey market or bootleg records, added in a new section. As a big Dylan/Dead fan, I had always sort of hoped for a few bootleg vinyl TVZ albums as a kind of tribute to his greatness (why does Dylan have thousands, he is not that much better of a songwriter?) - there are a few now! Some I am not sure about, such as "Sunshine Boy: The Unheard Studio Sessions and Demos 1971-1972". I am pretty sure about the others though. I dont endorse bootlegs of course! Stay away! I am just trying to document recordings of Townes. Please only buy the official releases that support his estate and legitimate heirs to his legacy.

06 Aug 2018 - Another update to Townes Timeline & Appearance Schedule - even more new material from Hans! [1940-70s] [1980s] [1990s] [MISC. UNDATED]. There are hundreds of new entries and thousands of total entries! Some minor updates here and there... Added song "Sky Blue" to Song Guide finally heard by me, from "7 Comes 11" studio outtakes back in 1972/73...enjoy! Note when I update the timeline I use a different directory, so the 2016 version is still there, and if you find the timeline via Google or other search engine you may have the wrong version. Only links from this page and the home page are reliably the latest version!

18 Jul 2017 - AGAIN updated Townes Timeline & Appearance Schedule - more new material from Hans! [1940-70s] [1980s] [1990s] [MISC. UNDATED]. Also again updated Frans and Hans' Songs by Others, see Song Guide. Some minor updates here and there...

08 Apr 2016 - UPDATED Townes Timeline & Appearance Schedule - tons of new material from Hans! [1940-70s] [1980s] [1990s] [MISC. UNDATED].

7 Feb 2016 - UPDATED Chords Page with Snake Mountain Blues submitted on the AboutTownes Yahoo Group by Fredhead_Skumm. Thanks Fred!. Now we have chords for 85 songs out of 131 listed in the Song Guide

11 Apr 2015 - UPDATED Townes Timeline & Appearance Schedule - augmented with posters, articles, photos, setlists, and lifetime events; this is all maintained by Hans with some web integration by Len! Divided into: [1940-70s] [1980s] [1990s]. 100's of updates compiled by Hans! Now includes many important dates in Townes lifetime. Last year's version see 24 Jun 2014 links below.

24 Jun 2014 - Townes Appearance Schedule - augmented with posters, articles, photos, setlists; this is all maintained by Hans with some web integration by Len! Divided into: [1960s&70s] [1980s] [1990s]. An incredible amount of effort went into this collection, which is not yet fully integrated, but hopefully will provide some great research material for those interested in Townes' history and legacy of live recordings!

16 Feb 2014 - Some minor updates over the past year; Hans G.'s TVZ Concert Appearances and Songs by Others, see Song Guide. Added "Mister Can't You See" by Townes & Mickey Newbury to lyrics and chords pages.

15 Mar 2013 - Updates by Hans G.' for the TVZ Concert Appearances and Songs by Others, see Song Guide. Total number of TVZ songs included in the database now number 6,648!!! - Many thanks to Hans and Frans! Also updated Song Guide page with info from the NEW album "Sunshine Boy"!

25 Nov 2012 - Now posting Hans G.'s much researched and updated Tour Schedule that helps to fill in many but not most gaps in where and when Townes performed over his career!

1 Feb 2011 - Updated Frans and Hans' Songs by Others, see Song Guide.

9 Sep 2010 - Updated Frans and Hans' Songs by Others, again as part of Song Guide page. Added starter links on home page for J.T. Van Zandt III, including link to recent article on his current boat building career.

31 Dec 2009 - Many minor updates lately, including updated links to Hans and Frans' "Townes songs by Others" as linked from Song Guide page, and thanks to Nath: set lists and notes from 4 concerts, 1977-1996, plus misc. other minor updates. Some updates and renaming of "TVZ Tour Schedule" to a more descriptive name, "List of Concert Appearances". Removed link to rather useless "Merchandise" link, just go to JVZ's website,!

16 Sep 2008 - Added a new and updated feature to the Song Guide page. Frans and Hans' many years of gathering recordings of Townes songs by others has been resurrected at this site via the tvzguide page. Notice the [o] links after each song title. These are the links to a list of other performers of that song. Song titles in those links are also links to lyrics! Thanks to Frans and Hans!

27 Apr 2008 - Added several additional songs to chords & lyrics page, "Goin' Down To Memphis" and "Only Him Or Me" submitted again by Jan, plus "Big Country Blues" and "Blazes Blues" that were gleaned from other websites. Added links from individual song titles in Song Guide page to chords and lyrics - been wanting to do this for awhile; now we can see more readily what songs are not yet transcribed.

25 Apr 2008 - Added chords & lyrics submitted by Jan H. for new song "Columbine" (and I've been waiting to learn how to play this for a long time) plus Jan's new versions of these songs: "Dont Take It Too Bad", "Colorado Girl", "Fare Thee Well, Miss Carousel", "Quicksilver Daydreams of Maria", and "None But the Rain"; More are on their way too. Many thanks Jan!

24 Apr 2008 - Just want to endorse Robert Hardy's new biography on Townes - there is a great amount of previously unshared information in there, this is a very illuminating treatment, not to be missed!

24 Apr 2008 - Added chords & lyrics submitted by Jan H. for new songs "Black Crow Blues" and "Many A Fine Lady" plus Jan's new versions of all of these songs: "Gypsy Friday", "When Your Dream Lovers Die", "I'll Be Here In The Morning", "She Came And She Touched Me", "Our Mother The Mountain", "St. John The Gambler", "Why She's Acting This Way", "Like A Summer Thursday", and "Tecumseh Valley"; Whew! Many thanks Jan! Also several folks (including Tony G. and Steve D.) have submitted updates to TVZ tour schedule, mostly based on recollection and sometimes old concert posters and newspaper reviews. Keep 'em coming!

20 Mar 2008 - Added chords & lyrics submitted by John for "Maryetta's Song" to the Chords page.

21 Jan 2008 - Update TVZ FAQ page with links to upcoming TVZ Biography by Robert Hardy (due April 2008) and Question 13, advice on what TVZ albums to buy. Added chords submitted by Matt for Guy Clarks song "Dont Let the Sunshine Fool You" to the Chords page. Other misc updates here and there.

7 Apr 2007 - Added several items to collected reviews - TVZ Biography by John Kruth (finally we have a biography which all fans should read! It is probably very accessible to non-fans as well), and "When Your Dream Lovers Die" to Chords and Lyrics thanks to Michiel. Took link to "Whats new from Jeanine and Friends" off home page due to non-use. We barely add enough new material for one "whats new" page as it is. Updated FAQ on info about biographies.

28 Mar 2006 - Added "Where I Lead Me" to Chords and Lyrics page, thanks to Ryan; and a couple 10 Nov 2006 - Added Dollar Bill Blues, Shrimp Song, and Sanitarium Blues, and updated Mr. Mudd and Mr. Gold to Chords and Lyrics page, thanks to Fabian and René.

28 Mar 2006 - Added "Where I Lead Me" to Chords and Lyrics page, thanks to Ryan; and a couple new "Be Here To Love Me" reviews.

23 Feb 2006 - I finally got to see "Be Here To Love Me" and want to say I enjoyed it greatly (both times), and DO try to see it on the big screen while you are able. See the movie website for screening dates and info on the upcoming DVD release. Margaret Brown has made a great documentary about our favorite and the worlds greatest songwriter.

08 Feb 2006 - Updates to Discography and to Guide to TVZ with mostly updates to songs and album release info. I count 119 songs written by Townes in the guide page. Many thanks to Patrick Hurley once again.

15 Jan 2006 - Just want to say a big "Thanks so much!" to the many who helped with this TVZ tribute website on this 10th anniversary (actually I missed it and am typing this on 23 Feb 2006). Special thanks to Jeanine, Mary Liz, Marq, Tommy, Patrick, Frans, Bo, the abouttownes list, and to all who email me with contributions to add to these pages - Len

14 Dec 2005 - Added "Come Tomorrow" and "Cowboy Junkies Lament" to Chords and Lyrics page, thanks to Greg and Tony.

17 Nov 2005 - Added info on Townes' guitars that he used over the years to the TVZ FAQ, thanks to Jinder and others on about-townes.

21 Sep 2005 - Added Bo Sjögren's lyrics pages to our site, so they will be preserved. Numerous other TVZ lyric pages are out there, but none without advertising and so on, so its nice to have an old resource at hand. Also, I re-indexed this site's search engine to include all the lyrics, so now you can use it to help find that song from snippets running through your head....

16 Sep 2004 - Added JT Van Zandt's Oct 2004 tour schedule , and The New TVZ Movie- Collected Reviews.

14 Apr 2004 - A bit of housekeeping. The biggest updates recently have been in the song guide, discography, and tour schedule, which has a lot of new entries compiled by Patrick Hurley.

22 May 2003 - I added a search engine for the site, just for fun and research support! Try it out:

Note also that the site has moved to //, so please change your bookmarks accordingly.

20 Aug 2001 - Placed info on upcoming live album by Guy, Townes, and Steve Earle on the whats new page. The 2 CD Anthology TVZ (nothing new) compilation is now available in the US on Fuel 2000 Records, with different packaging than the European version. I added Geir's chords (thanks Geir and Ann for making the request) for "You are not needed now" to the Chords & lyrics page making it 62 songs now. Word is out that K. Eggers first part of the long awaited multi-CD "Newology" is to be released on the Tomato Label, to be called "Texas Rain" (Townes singing duets with many country great ones, including Willie and Jerry Jeff). For a full listing of what was once promised, see the TVZ FAQ. We shall see!

26 May 2001 - Updated album info for the limited CD "Live at McCabes", released a few months back by Harold Eggers/Normal Records, see TVZ Guide and TVZ Discography for more info. This makes 25 albums now released. I know there are more in the works, a big tribute album, a couple biographies, maybe a movie. Townes was mentioned prominently in the recent opening of the Country Music Museum in Nashville. Updated TVZ FAQ with more biographical info, thanks to Robert Hardy again.

23 Mar 2001 - Updated Newology box set info - Jeanene has filled in About-Townes with her side of the story with the delays. Also the new TVZ tribute album is coming along and nearly finished. Should be a great (only tribute to Townes so far) album! Hope Bobby gets to be on it!

10 Mar 2001 - Added Sad Cinderella and Greensboro Woman, both great songs, to the chords page, thanks to Alan Kikuchi and Matthew Batt.

Added a memorial page link to the tvz wake page, which is at // The page describes the annual wake held at the new old quarter in Galveston each January, and includes samples for listening. Also added a link to the song "New Years Day" by David Byboth. Lots more I need to add, but its a busy time!

The AboutTownes mail list is now hosted at //, and is getting around 800 postings per month. It remains the best way to learn about and discuss Townes' music.

30 Sept 2000 - Added Snow Don't Fall to the chords page, thanks to Anthony Frazer, a new fan from Sydney, Australia. Updated the links and biographies pages, with new links (and removed dead links).

17 Sept 2000 - As this website is no longer changing rapidly, it is nice to see that the hitrate remains higher than ever - which gives testimony to Townes' ever increasing popularity. A few additions: added album info on "Drama Falls Like Teardrops" (something Townes once said, apparently) to the TVZ Discography and Guide to TVZ pages. Added the tribute song ADIOS written by Horst Schrader to the memorial page. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Townes' family for son Will's serious but non fatal mix-up with a truck. Please be safe and mindfull on the road and Bless you all!

2 Feb 2000 - I have resurrected the "What's new" page that used to be at Jeanene's TVZ Central website, to have a place to post relevant messages that primarily are from Jeanene to the TVZ mail-list. The big news you will see there Jeanene's announcement of the new single, "To Live's To Fly".

19 Jan 2000 - Again, updated TVZ Discography and Guide to TVZ with info about "The Masters" - a European only "best of" album with no new material, plus the Normal Records reissue of "Rear View Mirror" that has three bonus tracks, two of which are not available elsewhere (although Talking Thunderbird and Talking Fraternity are not among his best songs, it is good to hear them from the 1990s).

29 Dec 1999 - Updated TVZ Discography and Guide to TVZ with album track and review info about the new album "In Pain". I have heard it and am enjoying it immensely. Note that Jeanene's site, Townes Van Zandt Central now has "In Pain" and several other import Normal CDs for a bargain at $15 each. Added Two Hands to Chords page, thanks to Kelby Greathouse. Added an article from the Gaurdian UK called "Legend Of The Fall", to the memorial page, including a nice note by Dave Williams, who kindly submitted the article (way back in Feb 1999, I should mention). Happy New Year and raise a glass to Townes!

28 Nov 1999 - Updated TVZ FAQ with some additions regarding the new AboutTownes mail list, publications, and biographical info. Repaired links to TVZ Jukebox and Video Jukebox items. Compiled 10 brief reviews of "A Far Cry From Dead", Townes' last studio album. Added link to AFCFD reviews in TVZ Discography, which was also updated with info below about the new album "In Pain".

19 Nov 1999 - Added "Heavenly Houseboat Blues" to TVZ Chords page, thanks to Chris who determined the chords by watching Rodney Crowell perform the song on the TVZ Austin City Limits tribute.

The about-townes list has moved again.

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The German record label "Normal" has released a new TVZ album, "In Pain", as of October of this year. The song list (not yet verified) goes as follows:

Katie Belle
Buckskin Stallion Blues
Snowin' on Raton
Gone Too Long
To Live's to Fly
Highway Kind
Mr. Mudd and Mr. Gold
Lover's Lullaby
White Freightliner Blues
You are Not Needed Now
You Gotta Move
Stopping Off Place
Alone and Forsaken
The last three are new (never recorded by Townes), as far as I can tell.

Also, it looks as though Townes co-wrote (with Eric Anderson) 4 missing songs, as just posted by Rodney to about-townes after discovery on

>Eric Anderson Taps Lou Reed, Unearthed Townes Van Zandt For Next Album
>Nov 15, 1999, 3:05 pm PT
>Lou Reed, Eric Anderson
>Rock icon Lou Reed has co-written and dueted with folk-based
>singer/songwriter Eric Anderson on the title track for Anderson's upcoming
>album You Can't Relive the Past, set for release on Appleseed Records in
>early 2000. Although the two artists originally penned the tune in Oslo,
>Norway in May 1998, Anderson and Reed hooked up again and rewrote the tune
>in New York last October.
>"We made up [a new tune] on the spot," says Anderson. "We then went in and
>recorded it in one take with just two guitars and two voices. It became the
>title of the album. At one point Lou asked me again for the name of the
>title. I said, '[You] Can't Relive the Past.' He shook his head and mumbled,
>'Isn't that what we are all trying to do?'"
>In addition to Reed, four songs on Anderson's album we're co-written by the
>late Townes Van Zandt, who collaborated with Anderson on them in 1986. Until
>recently, the songs ("The Meadowlark," "The Road," "The Blue March," and
>"Night Train,") had been MIA. "The work tape went missing for 13 years and I
>found it again" says Anderson. "Some friends in Albuquerque, N.M. were safe
>keeping them all that time."
>Also making appearances on You Can't Relive the Past, the follow-up to
>Anderson 1998 album Memory of the Future, include guitarist Artie Traum,
>Puerto Rican/N.Y. percussionist Ismeal Bruno, singer Lucy Kaplasky, bassist
>Mark Dann, steel guitarist Dan Hovey, celloist Erik Frielander,
>clarinetist/flutist Robert Aaron, slide guitarist Kenny Brown, and drummer
>Sam Carr.

11 Oct 1999 - Updated some items in the TVZ Faq, mainly about publications (Q11).

1 Oct 1999 - William Hedgepeth's famous article "Townes Van Zandt - messages from the outside" that appeared in Atlanta's Hittin' the Note magazine back in May 1977 is now available online. This page is linked to from the TVZ biography page, which BTW is still sorely lacking in material (anyone want to submit?), from the TVZ faq page, and from the TVZ memorial page.

26 Sept 1999 - Two new entries for the CHORDS page: Added another version of "To Live Is To Fly", close to how Townes played it on "A Far Cry From Dead", thanks to David B.
Also, an all new "When He Offers His Hand", thanks to Tony G.

5 July 1999 - Posted the TVZ by others thanks to Frans, and revised the TVZ discography page. The big news is A FAR CRY FROM DEAD (highly recommended), and Jeanene's TVZ central pages, which have been overhauled and are maintained by ARISTA Austin now.

22 Feb. 1999 - Started this 1999 log, revised the home page a bit, added a song to the Chords & Lyrics Page, and made some changes to the biography and memorial pages. Some not good news - the Austin 360 Townes web pages have been removed from their site - anyone have a back-up that we could archive here?

31 Dec. 1998 - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and long live Townes Van Zandt! I made a few additions and changes to the TVZ FAQ. now has a whats new page, so make a bookmark there. I redesigned and added an item to the memorial page, specifically a nice story and song about Townes emailed to me from another fan.

To access earlier what's new/log info go to tvzlog98.html, tvzlog97.html and tvzlog96.html.

Statement of purpose: My intention for running this web site is to help introduce folks to the music of Townes Van Zandt, who remains obscure and "undiscovered" despite a long and productive history of great songwriting, record-making, and performing. Also, this site provides an archive for discussion and resources for the AboutTownes mail list, a virtual community of fans. -LC