Townes Van Zandt - Concert Appearances (formerly "Tour Schedule")

Note: This list is maintained (as of Feb. 2014) by Hans G. who also maintains the
"Townes Songs by Others" list. It will remain a task to integrate elements
of Len's old less complete list.

Eventually, we would like to expand this list to include
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*^*^* Note 1:
      This is a far from complete concert appearances plan from Townes van Zandt,
      with sometimes unshure dates and/or venues.
      It's a mixture of the old touringschedule on Len's beautiful Blue Sky page
      and what we were able to find @ several sources like:
      1) the books *1) :To Live's To Fly written by John Kruth
                        A Deeper Blue by Robert Earl Hardy  
                        I'll Be Here In The Morning by Brian T. Atkinson 
                        The Gulfstream Boys by Richard Dobson
      2) Articles or ads in newspapers or magazines found on the world wide net.
      3) Available recordings of Townes gigs or facts given in recorded interviews.
      4) Concert posters or tickets.
      5) Pages or databases of the clubs were Townes performed
      6) Songkick: A page on internet with until now over 350 dates and venues.
      7) a list made by  Patrick Hurley 
      8) C.Friedrich's old tapelist

     *1-the books are especially in the older years a very important source/
        little problematic : the dates are sometimes incorrect. (above all:the years of some complete tours seems wrong)
        We've tried to make this schedule more logical and correct,but some of these"facts"are still unshure.

*^*^* Note 2:
      We've tried to give sources of information as much as possible.
      Where we use "various" sources:it's almost always a combination of the mentioned sources
      and the old list on Len's Blue Sky page or Songkick
1963/1964-xx-xx  Barefood Charley's-Boulder-CO                                (several appaerances-sources :To Live's To Fly & A Deeper Blue)

1965-xx-xx Jester Lounge-Houston-TX                                           (several appearances-sources Wikipedea/To Live's To Fly) sometimes opening for Lightnin' Hopkins

1966-02-24 Houston Jewish Community Centre-Houston-TX                         (with Jerry Jeff Walker)-source :To Live's To Fly
1966-xx-xx Jester Lounge-Houston-TX                                           (several appearances/released recordings available)-sometimes opening for Lightnin' Hopkins
1966-xx-xx Sand Mountain Coffeehouse-Houston-TX                               (several appearances-sometimes Wrecks Bell opened)-source :To Live's To Fly
1966 or 1967 the Dust Bowl-Tulsa-OK                                           (Source :G.Barnes-article in the Deseret News-1990-09-06)
1966-1967 & 1968 Halfway House Coffeehouse-Beaumont-TX                        (source :available articles)-several performances(other regular performers :Guy Clark-JJ Walker-Janis Joplin & others)

1967-07-10 the Beverly S.Sheffield Zilker Hillside Theater-Austin-TX          (KHFI-FM(know as 96-7 KISS-FM)-Summer Music Festival-Rod Kennedy was organiser)
1967-xx-xx Ohio Folk Festival-Athens-OH                                       (Source : Eric Andersen in To Live's To Fly & Blue River)-article available
1967-xx-xx Sand Mountain  Coffeehouse-Houston-TX                              (several appearances) Source: A Deeper Blue
1967-xx-xx the Second Fret-Philadelphia-PA                                    (opening for Todd Rundgren's Woody's Truck Stop)-Source: Ray Benson (Asleep At The Wheel)
1967 or 1968 Gerde's Folk City-Greenwich Village-NY                           (source : DVD-Be Here To Love Me/EmmyLou Harris)-Her first visit @ a TVZ gig

1968-xx-xx Sand Mountain Coffee House-Houston-TX                              (several appearances)-source: A Deeper Blue
1968-xx-xx the Chequered Flag-Austin-TX                                       (source : PDF-the Path to Kerrville-Rod Kennedy)-gigs already in 1968 are a little unshure
1968-xx-xx the Quiet Knight-Chicago-IL                                        (source :Frenchy Burrito-the Mosquito Diaries)-PDF available
1968-xx-xx Lamar University-Lamar-TX                                          (with Guy Clark & Hargis & Distefano)source :available article
1968-12-01 the Steve Allen TV Show-(CBS TV)*                                  (sources: the Times Picayne('s) Of 1968-11-26 & 1968-12-01 & Bob Myrick in A Deeper Blue-page 277)

                            * other participaters were :Joanne Woodward,Pat Harrington jr.,Louise Huebner & the Irish Rovers

1969-06-04/05/06/07/08 Steve Paul's the Scene-New York City-NY                (Add-poster available)-also the Children Of God performed
1969-09-11/12/13/14/15 the Bitter End-New York City-NY                        (Add-poster available)-also Turley Richards performed-source :New York Venues Adds
1969-10-23/24/25/26 the Main Point-Bryn Mawr-PA                               (with Andy Robinson-known from an available Main Point performers page)
1969-11-26 Revue "Poppy Gives Thanks" @ the Carnegie Hall-New York-NY         (official released as Gentle Evening  With TvZ) also Mandrake Memorial & Dick Gregory performed
1969-xx-xx Gerde's Folk City-Greenwich Village-NY-**                          (EmmyLou Harris opened ???)
1969-xx-xx Sand Mountain Coffee House-Houston-TX                              (several Appearances)-source :A Deeper Blue
1969-xx-xx the Chequered Flag-Austin-TX                                       (source : PDF-the Path to Kerrville-Rod Kennedy-several appearances)
1969-(spring) Unknown venue('s)-Oklahoma City-OK-*                            (with Guy Clark)-Both Men-Guy & Townes met Susanna Clark for the first time-source :A Deeper Blue
1969-(spring) the Sword In The Stone-Oklahoma City-OK-**                      (this Oklahoma City club was on Townes agenda with clockwork regularity during these early years)
1969-(summer) the Old Quarter-Houston-TX                                      (Source : Fran Petters/Lohr in A Deeper Blue)
1969-(Fall)   several unnamed clubs in Greenwich village-NY-*                 (Source : A Deeper Blue/Promotion gig(s) for Our Mother The Mountain)
1969-(Fall)   Gerde's Folk City-Greenwich Village-NY-**                       (Source : A Deeper Blue/Promotion gig for Our Mother The Mountain)
1969-(late)   Several unkown local Texas venues-Austin/???-TX-*               (with the Delta Momma Boys :TvZ-Cado Parrish Studdard III & Matthew Moore)-source :A Deeper Blue
1969-(late)   the Old Quarter-Houston-TX-**                                   (Source :Mickey White in To Live's To Fly-page 62)
1969 (late)or(early) 1970 Whiskey A Go Go Club-West Hollywood/Los Angeles-CA  (Opening for Johnny Rivers)-Source :a comment on Blue Sky by Glenn Christmas

                           * several unknown venues-** possible one of the gigs given as unknown venues

1970-xx-xx Davidson College-Davidson-NC                                       (Len's list)-articles available
1970-xx-xx University Of North Carolina-Pembroke-NC                           (Len's list)-articles available
1970-xx-xx University of East Carolina-Greenville-NC                          (Len's List)-articles available
1970-04-07 the Cornell Campus Store @ the Cornell University-Ithaca-NY        (with Mandrake Memorial)-source :the Cornell Daily Sun-1970-04-07-
1970-04-07 Anabel Taylor Hall @ the Cornell University-Ithaca-NY              (with Mandrake Memorial)-source :the Cornell Daily Sun-1970-04-17-Volume 86-number 121-page 4
1970-04-08 Oneonta State Campus Field House-Oneonta-NY                        (with Mandrake Memorial)-source :the Oneonta Star-1970-04-04-page 5
1970-04-17 the Valparaiso National Armory Admission-Valparaiso-IN             (with Mandrake Memorial)-sources :the Vidette Messengers of 15 & 17 april 1970-both available
1970-04-18 Peace Festival @ the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire-WI         (with Mandrake Memorial & many others)-sources :articles available-(Pepper Fog gigs & Twin Cities Music Highlight)
1970-04-21 Sinclair Auditorium @ the Coe College-Cedar Rapids-IA              (with Mandrake Memorial)-sources :the Coe College Cosmos's-1970-04-18 & 20
1970-05-08 Alexander Hall @  the Princeton University-Princeton-NJ            (with Mandrake Memorial)-source :Papers Of Princeton-1970-04-30 page 7
1970-05-09 Unknown Venue-Morris-IL                                            (with Mandrake Memorial)-Source :Digifind/article forbidden:Access is denied
1970-05-23 Milwaukee Radio Studio for WZMF FM-Milwaukee-WI                    (Source :the Billboard-1970-05-23-page 30)
1970-05-27/28/29/30/31 the Bitter End-New York City-NY                        (Add-poster available)-also the Chapins performed-source :Billboard 1970-06-13 page 22
1970-06-01/02/03/04/05/06/07/08 the Bitter End-New York City-NY               (Add-poster available)-also the Chapins performed-source :Billboard 1970-06-13 page 22
1970-06-07 Environment Benefit @ the Electric Circus-New York-NY (6.00 pm)    (with Mandrake Memorial & others)-source :the Village Voice of 1970-06-05-page 23(available)
1970-06-xx Farrago @ St Andrews Presbyterian College-Laurinburg-NC            (Opening @ Mandrake Memorial's last gig)-2 available articles in the Lance-1971-02-18 & 25
1970-xx-xx New York City College-New York-NY                                  (with Wrecks Bell-source :Wrecks Bell in A Deeper Blue)-very unshure date
1970-xx-xx the Pratt Institute-Brooklyn-NY                                    (with Wrecks Bell-source :Wrecks Bell in A Deeper Blue)-** same as 1971-02-xx ??-very unshure date
1970-08-27 KPFT radio interview-Houston-TX                                    (recordings available)-Hostess Juliet Brown
1970-10-20 the Bob Fass radio show(Radio Unnameable) @ WBAI-fm-New York-NY    (recordings available)
1970-11-19/20/21 the Texas Christian University-Fort Worth-TX                 (source :the Billboard-1970-11-21)
1970-xx-xx the Chequered Flag-Austin-TX                                       (source :PDF-the Path to Kerrville-Rod Kennedy)
1970-(Late) the Potpourri Coffeehouse-Austin-TX                               (the old name of the Cactus Cafe-5 days of shows)-Source :Mickey White in A Deeper Blue

1971-01-18/19/20/21/22/23 St Lawrence University-Canton-NY                    (Source :the Billboard-1971-01-23-page 26)
1971-02-05/06 the Union Bar-Davidson-NC        2 gigs a day 7.30 & 9.30       (Source :the Davidsonian-1971-02-05)-PDF available
1971-02-07 the Morrison Room @ the Davidson College-Davidson-NC               (Source :the Davidsonian-1971-02-05)-PDF available
1971-02-08/09/10/11/12/13/14-Campus Coffee House @ Pembroke State University-NC(Source :the Robesonian Sunday-1971-02-07-page 12 & the Robesonian Sunday-1971-02-12-page 7)
1971-02-20/21/22/23/24 Farrago @ St Andrews Presbyterian College-Laurinburg-NC(Sources :2 available articles in the Lance-1971-02-18 & 25)
1971-02-xx the Pratt Institute-Brooklyn-NY                                    (Source :Wrecks Bell in an available article)-** Same as 1970-xx-xx ??-very unshure date
1971-04-16 the Basement Coffeehouse-Houston-TX                                (Source :Wrecks Bell & available poster)
1971-06-05/06/07/08/09/10/11/12 The Main Point-Bryn Mawr-PA                   (also Kaye Taylor performed)-source :the Billboard-1971-06-05-page 20
1971-09/10-xx the Old Quarter-Houston-TX                                      (Two nights with the Allman Brothers Band)-source :A Deeper Blue
1971-xx-xx the Liberty Hall-Houston-TX                                        (with Caddo Parish Studdard III)-known from a foto by John Lomax III in the Music Fest Magazine

1972-03-17/18/19 1th Dripping Springs Reunion-Dripping Springs-TX             (with Waylon Jennings,Willie Nelson,Kris Kristoffersen,John Prine & others)-Source :A Deeper Blue
1972-04-xx the Old Quarter-Houston-TX                                         (with the Allman Brothers Band)-source :Ivan Koop Kuper @ Facebook
1972-04-29 Mercer Univercity-Macon-GA                                         (Source :the Billboard-1972-04-09-page 36)
1972-05-xx Finnegan's Wake-Baltimore-MD                                       (Source Little Hans Band opened-(gig @ the first week of may 1972)-article available
1972-05-10 Loyola University-Chicago-IL                                       (Source :the Billboard-1972-05-06-page 26)-also Doc Watson performed
1972-05-12 Ohio University-Athens-OH-Ohio Folk Festival                       (Sources :Eric Andersen - the Festival Poster & the Billboard-1972-05-06-page 16)
1972-05-15/16/17/18/19/20 the Last Resort-Athens-GA                           (Source :the Billboard-1972-05-06-page 16)
1972-05-22/23/24/25/26/27 the Bistro-Atlanta-GA                               (Source :the Billboard-1972-05-06-page 16)
1972-06-01/02/03 Kerrville Festival @ the Kerrville Municipal Auditorium-Kerrville-TX
1972-06-05/06/07/08/09/10 Castle Creek-Austin-TX                              (source :the Billboard-1972-05-06-page 36)
1972-08-30/31 the Flick Coffeehouse-Miami-FL     two gigs a day-8.30/10.30    (with Chris Smither-Source : the venue's facebook page & available article)
1972-09-01/02/03 the Flick Coffeehouse-Miami-FL  two gigs a day-8.30/10.30    (with Chris Smither-Source : the Venue's facebook page & available article)
1972-10-xx Peabody University-Nashville-TN                                    (with Guy Clark-Richard Dobson & Rat Creek)-source :Richard Dobson's "the Gulf Coast Boys"
1972-xx-xx Rubaiyat-Dallas-TX                                                 (known from recordings/Crested Butte ?? 1973-xx-xx)
1972-xx-xx Art Six Coffeehouse-Denton-TX                                      (source  :Steve Earle)-first visit of a very young Steve Earle @ a Townes gig
1972 & 1973 Bishop's Pub-Nashville-TN                                         (several appearances)-source :To Live's To Fly
1972 & 1973 the Old Quarter-Houston-TX                                        (with Doug Gittings)-sources :Doug Gittings & available poster-several appearances

1973-xx-xx Unknown Venue & Date/possible the Wooden Nickle-Crested Butte-CO   (recordings avalailable-very unshure date-possible from the july/august 1974 Colorado tour ???)
1973-xx-xx WMMR-fm ????-Philadelphia-PA                                       (C Friedrich's list-possible from the Main Point-Bryn Mawr-PA ???)
1973-01-xx the Last Resort-Athens-GA                                          (source :David Olney in I'll Be Here In The Morning)-David Olney opened
1973-02-06 the Last Resort-Athens-GA                                          (Known from available photos)
1973-03-23/24  Southern Methodist University-Dallas-TX                        (Source :the Billboard-1973-03-24-page 32)
1973-04-01 Unknown Venue-possible the Vanguard-Kansas City-MO                 (the United Artists Acoustic Road Show)-source :the Bilboard-1972-12-09-page 22
1973-05-11 U.S. Cellular Arena-Milwaukee-WI                                   (with Frank Zappa,Mahavishnu Orchestra & John Hammond)-Article available
1973-05-20 the Last Resort-Athens-GA                                          (known from available Photos)
1973-05-23/24/25/26/27 Kerrville Folk Festival @ the Municipal Auditorium-Kerrville-TX    (some recordings available)-source : the Billboard 1973-05-19 -page 67
1973-07-20/21/22 the Old Quarter-Houston-TX *                                 (several appaerances/recordings official released as Live @ the Old Quarter-Houston-TX)
1973-07/08?-xx Radio KPFT-Houston-TX                                          (Don Sanders radio show/the day Townes met Cindy Morgan)-source :To Live's To Fly
1973-09-19 the Whole Coffeehouse @ the University Of Minnesota-Minneapolis-MA (Poster & Recordings available)
1973-10-20 the Millersville University-Millersville/Lancaster-PA              (Source :the Billboard-1973-10-13)
1973-xx-xx Rubaiyat-Dallas-TX                                                 (A week with Lonnie Knight)-source :Lonnie Knight @ You Tube
1973-xx-xx Iron Horse Music Hall-Northampton-MA                               (Source :David Olney in I'll Be Here In The Morning)
1973-xx-xx the Saxon Pub-Austin-TX                                            (Source :Peggy Underwood in A Deeper Blue)
1973-xx-xx Unknown venue-Laramie-WY                                           (Source :A comment on "A Truer Sound")

                                                  (* Wrecks Bell mailed me there were 5 days of recordings.)

1974-04/05?-xx University of Houston-Houston-TX                               (with Mickey White)-sources :To Live's To Fly & A Deeper Blue
1974-05-23 Kerrville Folk Festival @ the Quiet Valley Ranch-Kerrville-TX      (Various Sources)
1974-05-24 Armadillo World Headquarters-Austin-TX                             (with Taj Mahal)-benefit for Mance Lipscomb-Sources :A Deeper Blue & available PDF
1974-07-04/05/06  Texas World Speedway-College Station-TX                     (2th edition of Willie Nelson's 4th of July Picnic)-sources :Wikipedia  & available poster
1974-07-xx the Oxford Hotel-Denver-CO                                         (source :Billboard-1974-07-27)
1974-08-23 Temporary Union Building-Denton-TX                                 (With John D. Loudermilk)-Source :the Denton Record Chronicle-1974-08-24-page 66
1974-10-xx Stephen F.Austin University-Nacogdoches-TX                         (with the Hemmer Ridge Mountain Boys*)-sources :Wrecks Bell & available foto's 
1974-11?-xx Earl Of Old Town-Chicago-IL                                       (with the Hemmer Ridge Mountain Boys*)-source : A Deeper Blue
1974-11?-xx Unknown Venue-Springfield-IL                                      (with the Hemmer Ridge Mountain Boys*)-source : To Live's To Fly
1974-11?-xx the Instant Karma-Chicago-IL                                      (with the Hemmer Ridge Mountain Boys*)-source : To Live's To Fly
1974-11?-xx Charlotte's Web-Rockford-IL                                       (with the Hemmer Ridge Mountain Boys*)-source : To Live's To Fly
1974-11/12?-xx Sweetheart of Texas Hall & Saloon-Houston-TX                   (with the Hemmer Ridge Mountain Boys*)-Source : To Live's To Fly
1974-11/12?-xx the Castle Creek-Austin-TX                                     (with the Hemmer Ridge Mountain Boys*)-source : To Live's To Fly
1974-12-xx -3 days @ the Hop-Fort Worth-TX                                    (with the Hemmer Ridge Mountain Boys*)-source : To Live's To Fly
1974-xx-xx Wait Chapel @ the Wake Forrest University-Winston Salem-NC         (Len's List)
1974-xx-xx Club Passim-Cambridge-MA                                           (Source :article-travels with TvZ by Steve Hawley)
1974-xx-xx the Castle Creek-Austin-TX                                         (Known from a photo)
1974-12-31 the Mangy Moose Saloon-Teton Village/Jackson Hole-WY               (with the Hemmer Ridge Mountain Boys*)-source :Richard Dobson /"the Gulf Coast Boys"

                                                   (*the Hemmer Ridge Mountain Boys are: Mickey White,Wrecks Bell & (sometimes) guest appearances by Richard Dobson)

1975-01-01/02/03/04/05/06/07/08/09/10/11/12/13 the Mangy Moose Saloon-Teton Village-WY     (with the Hemmer Ridge Mountain Boys)-sources :To live's To Fly & A Deeper Blue
1975-01-xx the Oxford Hotel-Denver-CO                                         (with the Hemmer Ridge Mountain Boys-several appaerances)-Sources :To Live's To Fly & A Deeper Blue
1975-01-xx the Grubstake-Crested Butte-CO                                     (with the Hemmer Ridge Mountain Boys-several appearances)-source :To Live's To Fly
1975-01/02-xx the Pioneer Inn-Nederland-CO                                    (with the Hemmer Ridge Mountain Boys-several appaerances)-sources :To Live's To Fly & A Deeper Blue
1975-02-xx the Castle Creek-Austin-TX                                         (with the Hemmer Ridge Mountain Boys)-source Richard Dobson /"the Gulf Coast Boys"
1975-02-27 Sweetheart Of Texas Concert Hall & Saloon-Houston-TX               (source the Rice Tresher-page 8)-PDF available
1975-02-28 Sweetheart Of Texas Concert Hall & Saloon-Houston-TX               (With Eric Taylor)sources :the Rice Tresher-page 8-ticket partly & PDF available
1975-03-15 Sweetheart Of Texas Concert Hall & Saloon-Houston-TX               (with the Hemmer Ridge Mountain Boys)-Richard Dobson opened-Source :"the Gulf Coast Boys"
1975-05-10 Sweetheart Of Texas Concert Hall & Saloon-Houston-TX               (with the Hemmer Ridge Mountain Boys,Richard Dobson,Rocky Hill & David Rodriquez)-Poster available
1975-05-23 Kerrville Folk Festival @ the Quiet Valley Ranch-Kerrville-TX      (Blues Workshop)
1975-05-24 Kerrville Folk Festival @ the Quiet Valley Ranch-Kerrville-TX      (Blues Workshop & Appearance)-with Mickey White & Wrecks Bell-some recordings available
1975-09-30 Austin City Limits-Austin-TX                                       (recordings available-/aired @ TV januari 1976)
1975-12-xx Castle Creek-(Lavaca Street)-Austin-TX                             (with Mickey White)-source :A Deeper Blue
1975-xx-xx the Old Quarter-Houston-TX                                         (Joanna Gipson Opened)-Source :Joanna Gipson
1975-04-28/29/30  Jefferson Davis Inn-Lexington-KY *                          (source :Len's list)-poster available-year unshure *
1975-xx-xx the Roxy-Los Angeles-CA *                                          (source :Tim McMullen-3 gigs in 2 Days)-Dianne Davidson & Tracey Nelson opened-year unshure *
                                                   (*these two gigs is the source unshure over the year-1975 or 1976)

1976-01/02-xx Dean Scott's-Houston-TX                                         (Source :Richard Dobson /"the Gulf Coast Boys")
1976-01/02-xx the Old Quarter-Houston-TX                                      (Source :Richard Dobson /"the Gulf Coast Boys")
1976-02-15 Austin City Limits-Austin-TX                                       (with Clifton Chernier)-Sources :the Seattle Daily Times & Bucks County Courier-1976-01-18-page 67
1976-04-28/29/30 the Jefferson Inn-Lexington-KY *                             (source :Len's List)-poster available-year unshure *-1975 or 1976
1976-10-xx Country Music Association Convention-Nashville-TN                  (with Guy Clark,Waylon Jennings,Jerry Jeff Walker & others)-source :A Deeper Blue
1976-10-30 the Austin Outhouse-Austin-TX                                      (with the Hemmer Ridge Mountain Boys)-source :available poster
1976-12-xx Castle Creek-Austin-TX                                             (with the Hemmer Ridge Mountain Boys)-source :A Deeper Blue
1976-xx-xx the Roxy-Los Angeles-CA *                                          (source :Tim McMullen-3 gigs in 2 days)-Dianne Davidson & Tracey Nelson opened-Year unshure *

1977-03-09 Cafe Deja Vu-Raleigh-NC                                            (poster available)
1977-03-11 the Cat's Cradle-Chapel Hill-NC                                    (recordings available)-7 songs official released on Rear View Mirror
1977-03-18 the Gryphon-Pittsboro-NC                                           (Len's List)
1977-05-xx Aunt Charley's-Atlanta-GA                                          (source :William Hedgepeth's famous Interview)-several gigs @ a couple of days !! 
1977-05-28 Kerrville Folk Festival @ the Quiet Valley Ranch-Kerrville-TX      (Townes performed & was a judge)-some recordings available
1977-06-02/03/04 Liberty Hall-Houston-TX                                      (with the Hemmer Ridge Mountain Boys)-also Hoyt Axton performed-poster available
1977-08-08 the Starwood Club-Hollywood/Los Angeles-CA                         (source :the Omaha Rainbow-Issue 15)
1977-08/09? xx Antinino's-Pittsburgh-PA                                       (source :Frenchy Burrito @ the Mosquito Diaries)-PDF available
1977-08/09?-xx the Lighting Bar @ Mann's Hotel-Mckeesport-PA                  (source :Frenchy Burrito @ the Mosquito Diaries)-PDF available-only 2 songs-(1 with Frenchy)
1977-08/09? xx Unshure Venue-possible John & Peter's-New Hope-PA              (source :Frenchy Burrito-the Mosquito Diaries)-PDF available
1977-09-16 the (Main) Point-Bryn Mawr-PA                                      (with Paula Lockheart)-source internet page: the Main Point performers 
1977-09-17 the (Main) Point-Byrn Mawr-PA (2 gigs-8.00 & 10.00)                (with Paula Lockheart)-Sources C.Friedrich & an available page :the Main Point performers
1977-09-20/21 the Lonestar Cafe-New York-NY                                   (Source :the village Voice-1977-10-03 page 31)-also ad poster available
1977-09-23/24 the Childe Harold-Washington-DC                                 (Source :the Washington Post 1977-09-23)
1977-09-25 Rock Creek Park-Washington-DC                                      (Source :the Washington Post 1977-09-23)
1977-xx-xx the Rome Inn-Guadalupe County-TX                                   (Sources :the Austin Chronicle & Larry Monroe)

***** Note/Imformation :
      The tourdates during the late 70's & early 80's are the most unshure part of this plan.
      Many of the founded dates come from the books To live's To Fly  by John Kruth & A Deeper Blue by Robert Earl Hardy .
      It seems that both have several date errors noted.
      A Deeper Blue gives 1977 as date for the "Two Days Each" tour while the band should already played together in 1976.
      This seems not correct,other sources & available recordings make 1977,1978 & 1979 more sense.
      In 1979 & 1980 started Townes touring again with Rowland,Cody & Gray,
      Owen Cody & Ruester Rowland stopped as bandmember somewhere during these years.
      Ruester  Rowland & Jimmie Gray are last seen @ recordings @ Kerrville-1980-05-24 !! Owen Cody is then already gone !!
      Mickey White took the place of "Ruester" @ a new "New England" tour in 1980.
      @ the first september gigs of this 1980 tour they were opening for Billy Joe Shaver.
      Another source tells that O.Cody & R.Rowland played with Townes from early 1977 until late 1980 or early 1981 
      and Jimmie Gray from 1978 until early 1980.In the books Jimmie did the mentioned 1980 tour with Mickey White ???
      Even linernotes on official released CD's seems not always correct.
      So much double "facts" makes these years the weakest part of this schedule *****

1978-04-early a few local shows in Nashville-TN                               (with Danny "Ruester"Rowland-Jimmie Gray & Owen Cody)-source : A Deeper Blue
1978-04-early a week of gigs in Los Angeles-CA                                (with Danny "Ruester"Rowland-Jimmie Gray & Owen Cody)-source : A Deeper Blue
1978-04-xx Unknown Venue('s)-Nasville-TN                                      (with Danny "Ruester"Rowland-Jimmie Gray & Owen Cody)-source : A Deeper Blue
1978-04-18 Maintenance Shop @ the Iowa State University-Ames-IA               (with John Lee Hooker)-Sources :M.Shop performers list & available other venue performers list    
1978-04-19 Full Compass Soundstudio for WIBA-FM-Madison-WI                    (Two Days Each Tour)-with Owen Cody
1978-04-xx the Quiet Knight-Chicago-IL                                        (Two Days Each Tour) 
1978-04-23/24 Bunky's-Madison-WI                                              (Two Days Each Tour) 
1978-04-xx the Blue River Cafe-Milwaukee-WI                                   (Two Days Each Tour) 
1978-04-xx Larry Joe's-Augusta-GA*                                            (Two Days Each Tour) 
1978-04-xx Gilly's-Dayton-OH                                                  (Two Days Each Tour)
1978-05-03 Great Midwestern Music Hall-Louisville-KY                          (Two Days Each Tour)-with Owen Cody & Danny "Ruester" Rowland-foto's available
1978-05-06/07 Mariah Coffeehouse-East Lansing-MI                              (Two Days Each Tour)-recordings(of the 6th)available-opening for John Lee Hooker
1978-05-xx Unknown Venue-Long Island-NY                                       (Two Days Each Tour)
1978-05-xx Unknown Venue-Boston-MA                                            (Two Days Each Tour)
1978-05-14 WNEW-FM-interview by Vin Scelsa-New York-NY                        (source :available article)
1978-05-15/16 the Lonestar Cafe-New York City-NY                              (Two Days Each Tour)-source :available ads
1978-05-17/18 the Cellar Door-Washington/Georgetown-DC                        (Two Days Each Tour)-Source :the Washington Post-1978-05-18
1978-05-xx Unknown Venue-Boston-MA                                            (Two Days Each Tour)
1978-05-xx unknown venue-St Louis-MO                                          (Two Days Each Tour)
1978-05-26 Kerrville Folkfestival @ the Quiet Valley Ranch-Kerrville-TX       (Solo performance)
1978-05-28 Kerrville Folkfestival @ the Quiet Valley Ranch-Kerrville-TX
1978-06-early the Great American Music Hall-San Francisco                     (with Ruester Rowland/Owen Cody & Jimmie Gray)-Source :A Deeper Blue
1978-06-07/08 the Rainbow Tavern-Seattle-WA                                   (with Ruester Rowland/Owen Cody & Jimmie Gray)-source :Seattle Daily Times-1978-06-06 
1978-06-xx the Euphoria Tavern-Portland-OR                                    (with Ruester Rowland/Owen Cody & Jimmie Gray)
1978-06-xx the Place-Eugene-OR                                                (with Ruester Rowland/Owen Cody & Jimmie Gray)
1978-07-07 the Blue Onion-Norman-OK                                           (with Ruester Rowland/Owen Cody & Jimmie Gray)-official & (also) some unreleased recordings available
1978-10-04/05 The LoneStar Cafe-New York City-NY                              (with Ruester Rowland/Owen Cody & Jimmie Gray)-Sources : available adds-Also Josh White jr. performed
1978-10-xx the Cellar Door-Washington/Georgetown-DC                           (with Ruester Rowland/Owen Cody & Jimmie Gray)
1978-10-xx Unknown Venue-Boston-MA                                            (with Ruester Rowland/Owen Cody & Jimmie Gray)
1978-10-15??? US Folksinger Benefity-Bloomington-IN                           (with Ruester Rowland/Owen Cody & Jimmie Gray)
1978-10-17 Black Sheep Repertory Theater-Manchester-MI                        (with Ruester Rowland/Owen Cody & Jimmie Gray)
1978-10-18/19 the Quiet Knight-Chicago-IL                                     (with Ruester Rowland/Owen Cody & Jimmie Gray)-photo available
1978-10-xx the Hummingbird-Indianapolus-IN                                    (with Ruester Rowland/Owen Cody & Jimmie Gray)-1 official released song(Come Tomorrow) @ R.V.M # 2
1978-12-07 Boston College-Interview & live @ Thirsty Ear Concerts-WZBC 90.3 FM(with John Lee Hooker)-Source :the Heights-1978-12-04-page 2-PDF available

1979-03-21 Unknown venue-Birmingham-AL                                        (with Guy Clark)
1979-04-18 University of Iowa-Iowa City-IA                                    (with Ruester Rowland/O.Cody & Jimmie Gray)-opening for John Lee Hooker @ the first gig of the tour
1979-05-28 Kerrville Folk Festival @ the Quiet Valley Ranch-Kerrville-TX      (various Sources)
1979-08-25 Unknown Venue/Good Woman Coffeehouse??-Nashville-TN                (with Ruester Rowland)-3 songs official released recordings available on Rear View Mirror # 2 ???
1979-12-28/29 Poor Davids Pub-Dallas-TX                                       (Source :Dallas Morning News)
1979-xx-xx Harvard Square Theater-Cambridge-MA                                (with Guy Clark)-source :www.acoustic guitar unshure

1980-01-xx Good Woman Coffeehouse @ VanderBilt University-Nashville-TN        (Len's List)-possible the same as 1979-08-25-with recordings  on Rear View Mirror #2 ???
1980-03-01 the Cellar Door-Georgetown/Washington-DC                           (Len's List)-3 official songs available 
1980-03-04 the Other End-New York-NY                                          (C.Friedrich's tapelist)
1980-04-03/04 the Ritz-Austin-TX                                              (also Harry Anderson/the man of magic performed)-Poster available
1980-04/05-xx the Last Resort-Athens-GA                                       (with R.Rowland)recordings available-1 song(Snowin'On Raton)official released # Rear View Mirror #2
1980-05-07 the Childe Harold-Washington-DC                                    (Len's List)
1980-05-24 Kerrville Folk Festival @ the Quiet Valley Ranch-Kerrville-TX      (with Danny "Ruester" Rowland & Jimmie Gray)-recordings available
1980-06-21 the Main Point-Bryn Mawr-PA                                        (C.Friedrich's List-with Mickey White & ?? Jimmie Gray)-Kevin Roth opened
1980-08-15 McCabes Guitar Shop-Santa Monica-CA                                (recordings available)
1980-09-14 Poor David's Pub-Dallas-TX                                         (Source :Dallas Morning News)
1980-09-28 Lincoln's Jamboree @ Mr.McNasty's-Fenway/Boston-MS                 (Source :the Boston Globe -1980-09-26) 
1980-09-xx Unknown Venue-Royalthon-VT                                         (with Mickey White & Jimmie Gray)-sources :A Deeper Blue & To Live's To Fly
1980-09/10-xx Unknown Venue in New Hampshire                                  (with Mickey White & Jimmie Gray)-sources :A Deeper Blue & To LiveĀ“s To Fly
1980-09/10-xx Gerde's Folk City-Greenwich Village-NY                          (with Mickey White & Jimmie Gray)-sources :A Deeper Blue & To Live's To Fly
1980-09/10-xx Unknown Venue-Montperlier-VT                                    (with Mickey White & Jimmie Gray)-sources :A Deeper Blue & To Live's To Fly
1980-09/10-xx Unknown Venue-Burlington-VT                                     (with Mickey White & Jimmie Gray)-sources :A Deeper Blue & To Live's To Fly
1980-09/10-xx Unknown Venue-Green Mountain-VT                                 (with Mickey White & Jimmie Gray)-sources :A Deeper Blue & To Live's To Fly
1980-09/10-xx the Child Harold-Washington-DC                                  (with Mickey White & Jimmie Gray)-sources :A Deeper Blue & To Live's To Fly
1980-10-29/30 Trude Heller's-New York-NY                                      (source :the New York Times of 1980-10-26)
1980-11-01 Trude Heller's-New York-NY                                         (source :the New York Times of 1980-10-26)
1980-11-late You Sream I Scream-Austin-TX                                     (with Mickey White @ the openings gig for this club)-sources :A Deeper Blue & To Live's To Fly
1980-11/12-xx Spellman's-Austin-TX                                            (with Mickey White)-source :To Live's To Fly
1980-12-xx the Alamo-Austin-TX                                                (with Mickey White)-source :To Live's To Fly
1980-12-xx the Other Side-Austin-TX                                           (with Mickey White)-source :To Live's To Fly
1980-12-xx the Austin Outhouse-Austin-TX                                      (with Mickey White)-source :To Live's To Fly
1980-12-06 Armadillo's World Headquarters-Austin-TX                           (with Mickey White) opening for Taj Mahal)-source :Mickey White in A Deeper Blue
1980 or 1984 Armando's Place-Louisville-KY                                    (with Mickey White)-source :Len's List 

1981-03-18 Poor David's Pub-Dallas-TX                                         (source :the Dallas Morning News)
1981-03-25 Rockefellers-Houston-TX                                            (with Mickey White)-Source :C.Friedrich's old tapelist
1981-04-10 Anderson Fair-Houston-TX                                           (with Mickey White)-Sources:Poster available & C.Friedrich's old tapelist-also Vince Bell performed
1981-04-21 Butchertown Pub-Louisville-KY                                      (with Mickey White)-source :Len's List
1981-05-29 Kerrville Folk Festival @ the Quiet Valley Ranch-Kerrville-TX      (various sources)
1981-06-24 Anderson Fair-Houston-TX                                           (With Mickey White)-source :C.Friedrich's old tapelist- KTRU-FM recordings available
1981-07-16/17/18 Vancouver Folk Festival-Vancouver-BC-CANADA                  (also Dave v.Ronk-Eric v.Schmidt & others/with Mickey White)-sources :Mickey White in A Deeper Blue & available article
1981-08-01 McCabe's Guitar Shop-Santa Monica-CA                               (with Mickey White)-opening for Ramblin Jack Elliott-recordings available
1981-08-04 Great American Music Hall-San Francisco-CA                         (with Mickey White) 
1981-10-16 River Oaks Theater-Houston-TX                                      (also Steve Earle,Shawn McGowan & Gamble Rogers /with Mickey White)-source :C.Friedrich's tapelist
1981-11-xx Unknown venue-Fayetteville-AR                                      (with Mickey White-Linda Lowe opened)-source :To Live's To Fly
1981-11-xx Unknown Venue-Eureka Springs-AR                                    (with Mickey White-Linda Lowe opened)-source :To Live's To Fly
1981-11-xx Fine Arts Concert Hall-Little Rock-AR                              (with Mickey White-Linda Lowe opened)-source :To Live's To Fly
1981-11-21 Folk City-New York City-NY                                         (source :Critics'Choices by Robert Palmer  in the New York Times-1981-11-15)
1981-12-03 Hummingbird-Indianapolis-IN                                        (with Mickey White)
1981-xx-xx Vaughan Literature Auditorium-Lewisburg-PA                         (with Mickey White)
1981 (late) or early 1982-Ralph Emery's Nashville Network TV show-Nashville-TN(source :A Deeper Blue)

1982-04-10 Anderson Fair-Houston-TX                                           (with Mickey White) a very drunken weird show -source :C Friedrich's old tapelist
1982-05-02 Rockefellers-Houston-TX                                            (with Mickey White & Blaze Foley)-Source :C.Friedrich's old tapelist
1982-05-31 Kerrville Folk Festival @ the Quiet Valley Ranch-Kerrville-TX
1982-06-06 JJW's 40th Birthday Bash @ the Town Lake-Austin-TX                 (with D.Bromberg,R.W.Hubbard,G.Clark,Rusty Weir & others)-source :the Billboard of 1982-07-17)
1982-07-16 the Lynnwood Tavern-Lynnwood-WA                                    (with Mickey White)-source :the Seattle Daily Times
1982-07-17 Vancouver Folk Festival-Vancouver-BC-Canada                        (with Mickey White)-source :A Deeper Blue
1982-07-18 the Rainbow Tavern-Seattle-WA                                      (with Mickey White)-source :A comment @ No Depression by Tim M. Otto & Seattle Daily Times
1982-07-xx the Casper Inn-Mendocino-CA                                        (with Mickey White)-source :A Deeper Blue
1982-07-xx the Great American Music Hall-San Francisco-CA                     (with Mickey White)-opening for Mickey Newbury-source :To Live's To Fly
1982-07-23 McCabe's Guitar Shop-Santa Monica-CA                               (with Steve Young & Mickey White)-Source :A Deeper Blue & Los Angeles Times-1982-07-26
1982-07-xx/xx Unknown Venue-El Paso-TX                                        (with Mickey White)-source :A Deeper Blue
1982-08-31 Austin City Limits @ Pedernales Country Park-Austin-TX             (with D.Williams-D.Halley,B.Hancock & J.D.Gilmore)-West Texas Songwriters Special/available recordi
1982-09-08 Corky's-Houston-TX                                                 (with Mickey White)-Source :C.Friedrich's Old tapelist
1982-late  EmmaJoe's-Austin-TX                                                (Source :Available picture)
1982-late  Several Unknown(local)Venues-Austin-TX                             (several Appearances with Elliot Rogers)-source :A Deeper Blue

1983-01-30 the Cherry Tree-Philadelphia-PA                                    (with Mickey White)-Source :C Friedrich's old tapelist
1983-02-09 Passim's-Cambridge-MA                                              (source the Boston Globe-1983-02-05)
1983-02-17 Fitzgerald's-Houston-TX                                            (with Mickey White & Rocky Hill)-source :C Friedrich's old tapelist
1983-03-15 Bobby Bare's TV Show Performance-Nashville-TN *                    (source :A Deeper Blue)
1983-07-30 EmmaJoe's-Austin-TX                                                (With Blaze Fowley)-1 recorded song/Brand New Companion available
1983-09-07 Corky's-Houston-TX                                                 (C Friedrich's old tapelist)
1983-11-13 the Nashville Network-Nashville-TN-Guest of Bobby Bare *           (with Ray Wylie Hubbard & Billy Joe Shaver)-source :the Seattle Daily Times

                             * Possible the same performance-recording/broadcast date ????

***** Most of the gigs in 1984 are with the "Blues Band" :Mickey White/guitar-Donnie Silverman/flute & sax-David Wadell/bass and Leland Wadell drums,
      but there were a lot of "guest" members: We know that not David Wadell but Dan Earheart played bass at the Miller Outdoor Theater gigs (1984-04-20/21)
      and  the Anderson Fair 1984-04-22 recordings.
      The Loading Chute gig was without M.White-"guest"members were :Elliott & Janish Rogers and Don Ray .
      Later that year the group continued touring with only TvZ-Mickey White & Donnie Silverman *****

1984-03-03 the Cactus Cafe-Austin-TX                                           (Len's List)
1984-03-24 Soap Creek saloon(1201 S.Congress Ave)-Austin-TX                    (with the Blues Band)-source: & poster available
1984-04-15 Town Lake-Austin-TX                                                 (with the Blues Band)-Celebrate Austin Music Festival-source :Len's List
1984-04-20 Miller Outdoor Theatre @ Hermann Park-Houston-TX                    (with the Blues Band)-Kerrville on the road-source :C Friedrich's tapelist-recordings available
1984-04-21 Miller Outdoor Theatre @ Hermann Park-Houston-TX                    (with the Blues Band)-Kerrville on the road-source :C Friedrich's tapelist-recordings available
1984-04-22 Anderson Fair-Houston-TX                                            (with the Blues Band)-source :C Friedrich's tapelist-recordings available
1984-04-25 Rockefeller's-Houston-TX                                            (with the Blues Band)
1984-05-05 Poor David's Pub-Dallas-TX                                          (with the Blues Band)-Source :Dallas Morning News
1984-05-20 the Loading Chute-Temple-TX-tribute show for Clyde Buchanan         (with the Blues Band)-recordings available-also Blaze Fowley & others performed
1984-05-24 Kerrville Folk Festival @ the Quiet Valley Ranch-Kerrville-TX       (with the Blues Band)-possible some recordings available-unshure
1984-07-15 Rockefeller's-Houston-TX                                            (with the Blues Band & second show partly with Rocky Hill) 2 shows-recordings available
1984-07-21 Vancouver Folk Festival @ Jericho Beach Park-Vancouver-BC-Canada    (source : the Festival page)
1984-07-25 Rockefeller's-Houston-TX                                            (with the Blues Band)-Source  :C Friedrich's old tapelist
1984-07-27 Soap Creek Saloon(1201 S.Congress AVE)-Austin-TX                    (with the Blues Band)-Source available
1984-07-xx Poor David's Pub-Dallas-TX *                                        (with the Blues Band/last gig with the full band)-source :To Live's To Fly
1984-08-10 Poor David's Pub-Dallas-TX *                                        (Source : the Dallas Morning News)
1984-08-21 Miller Outdoor Theatre @ Hermann Park-Houston-TX                    (Source : C Friedrich's old tape list)-a little unshure
1984-08-25 Soap Creek Saloon(1201 S.Congress Ave)-Austin-TX                    (source : available
1984-09-29 Soap Creek Saloon(1201 S.Congress Ave)-Austin-TX                    (source : available
1984-11-09 Soap Creek Saloon(1201 S.Congress Ave)-Austin-TX                    (source : available
1984-12-19/20/21 the Sweetheart Of Texas Concert Hall & Saloon-Houston-TX      (also Vince Bell performed)-source :Vince Bell-poster available
1984-late  Gerde's Folk City-New York City-NY                                  (source : Mickey White in A Deeper Blue)
1984-xx-xx the Beauregard-San Antonio-TX                                       (1 recorded song/Don't You Take It Too Bad-available)-unshure date
                                      *Possible the same gig

1985-01-12 Soap Creek Saloon(1201 S.Congress Ave)-Austin-TX                    (source : available
1985-03-29 Anderson Fair-Houston-TX                                            (Len's List)
1985-03-30 Anderson Fair-Houston-TX                                            (Len's List)
1985-04-06 Texas Music Hall-Houston-TX                                         (Texas Songwriters Reunion with Jerry Jeff Walker-Rodney Crowell-Guy Clark-M Newbury & K.T.Oslin)
1985-04-12 Arcadia Theater-Dallas-TX                                           (Texas songwriters Reunion with Jerry Jeff Walker-Guy Clark & Mickey Newbury)
1985-04-18 the Down Home-Johnson City-TN                                       (with Mickey White & Donnie Silverman)-recordings available
1985-04-19 12th and Porter Playroom-Nashville-TN                               (with Mickey White & Donnie Silverman)-official released as Live And Obscure
1985-04-20?? Folk City-New York-NY                                             (with Mickey White & Donnie Silverman)-source :C Friedrich's old tapelist
1985-04-30 the Birchmere-Alexandria-VA                                         (with Mickey White & Donnie Silverman)-source :the Washington Post- 1985-05-01-Calendar available
1985-05-02 McDibb's-Black Mountain-NC                                          (with Mickey White & Donnie silverman)-source :Len's List
1985-05-04 Soap Creek Saloon(1201 S. Congress Ave)-Austin-TX                   (with Mickey White & Donnie Silverman)-source
1985-05-27 Kerrville Folk Festival @ the Quiet Valley Ranch-Kerrville-TX       (11 days festival-1985-05-23 until 1985-06-02)
1985-06-07 Anderson Fair-Houston-TX                                            (with Mickey White & Donnie Silverman)-source :Len's List
1985-06-08 Anderson Fair-Houston TX                                            (with Mickey White & Donnie Silverman)-source :Len's List
1985-07-04 Willie Nelson's 4th of July Picknick @ Southpark Meadows-Austin-TX  (source Homer Wills @ Facebook)-Homer played with Townes (mouthharp) @ this venue
1985-07-12 Soap Creek Saloon(1201 S.Conress Ave)-Austin-TX                     (source available
1985-07-17 the Caspar Inn-Caspar-CA                                            (Len's List)
1985-08-24 Anderson Fair-Houston-TX                                            (with Mickey White & Donnie Silverman)
1985-09-20 Boardwalk Cafe-Nashville-TN                                         (with Mickey White & Donnie Silverman)-recordings available
1985-10-04 the Birchmere-Alexandria-VA                                         (Calendar available)-Rattlesnake Anne opened
1985-11-15 Anderson Fair-Houston-TX                                            (Len's List)
1985-11-16 Anderson Fair-Houston-TX                                            (Len's List)
1985-12-late the Austin Outhouse-Austin-TX                                     (Blaze Fowley's Birthday Party)- :source-Jim Manion's article in Totally Adult Magazine
1985-xx-xx Unknown radio station                                               (With Mickey White & Donnie Silverman)-source :C.Friedrich's old tape list
1985-xx-xx Leon Springs Cafe-Leon Springs/San Antonio-TX                       (source :James McMurtry in I'll Be Here In The Morning)

1986-01-04 Kennedy Center Concert Hall-Washington-DC                           (Source : the Washington Post 1986-01-06)
1986-01-25 the Austin Outhouse-Austin-TX                                       (Poster available)-also Blaze Fowley-Jon Emery-Roky Ericson-Jubal Clark & others performed
1986-03-17 Paramount Theatre-Austin-TX                                         (Jerry Jeff Walker's "annual" birthday bash)-poster available-also with Guy Clark & others
1986-03-21 the Stage Center-Oklahoma City-OK                                   (with Guy Clark & M.White/D.Silverman)-Source : the Daily Oklahoman-1986-03-02 & 1986-03-16
1986-04-18 South Bank Restaurant-Houston-TX                                    (with Mickey White & Donnie Silverman) some recordings available
1986-05-06 the Austin Outhouse-Austin-TX                                       (with Blaze Fowley & Jon Emery-known from available photo)-Jon's Birthday Party
1986-05-24 Kerrville Folk Festival @ the Quiet Valley Ranch-Kerrville-TX       (with Mickey White & Donnie Silverman) recordings available
1986-07-04 1th Annual Taco Flats 4th of July Meltdown @ Taco Flats-Austin-TX   (with Blaze Fowley-Lucinda Williams-Calvin Russell & others) poster available-date little unshure
1986-08-10 Edmonton Folk Festival-Edmonton-AB-CANADA                           (article available-source :Google)
1986-09-01 Anderson Fair-Houston-TX                                            (Len's List)
1986-09-02 Anderson Fair-Houston-TX                                            (Len's List & Comment Dick Waterman)-John Campbell opened
1986-09-13 the Cactus Cafe-Austin-TX                                           (with Vince Bell)-Poster available
1986-10-10 Roaring Brook Nature Center-Canton-CT                               (with Eric Andersen)Source : the Hartford Courant-1986-10-11

1987-04-xx the Cannery-Nashville-TN                                            (recordings available)-promotion gig for "At My Window" with most of the studio bandmembers
1987-04-12 Blind Willie's-Atlanta-GA                                           (Source :the Atlanta Journal-1987-04-10)
1987-04-24 Sacred Grounds Coffee House-San Francisco-CA                        (poster available)
1987-04 ?-xx Sweetwater Music Hall-Mill Valley-CA                              (Unshure month/day in 1987 but around that period of this year Townes was in California) recordings available
1987-05-07 Chelsea's-Houston-TX                                                (Len's List)
1987-05-29 the Birchmere-Alexandria-VA                                         (with Guy Clark)-recordings & calendar available
1987-05-31 Cultural Center Theatre "the Mountain Stage"-Charleston-WV          (with Guy Clark)-recordings available
1987-06-01 Paul Green Theater-Chapel Hill-NC                                   (with Guy Clark & David Olney)
1987-07-04 Liberty Lunch-(Fundraiser Festival)-Austin-TX                       (source :Larry Monroe-artical)
1987-07-09 Coffeehouse Extempore-Minneapolis-MN                                (with Guy Clark)-Source :the Star Tribune-1987-07-03
1987-07-11 Winnepeg Folk Festival-Winnepeg-MB-CANADA                           (Foto @ article available)-On stage with Spider John Koerner-Barbara Dane & Hans Theessink
1987-08-01 the Cactus Cafe-Austin-TX                                           (Poster available)-Chuck Pyle opened
1987-08-08 Edmonton Folk Festival-Edmonton-AB-CANADA                           (with Guy Clark)-source :Len's List
1987-08-09 WBEZ Flea Market-Navy Pier-Chicago-IL          5.00pm               (with Guy Clark)-Source :Len's List & the Chicago Sun/Times 1987-08-07
1987-08-28/29 Philadelphia Folk Festival-Schwenksville-PA                      (Source  : the Philadelphia Inquirer 1987-08-28)-also with Mary Chapin Carpenter-Joe Ely & others
1987-10-22 the Bung-Bristol-UK                                                 (various sources)
1987-10-23 the Richmond Hotel-Brighton-UK                                      (various sources)
1987-10-24 the Mean Fiddler-London-UK                                          (recordings available)
1987-10-25 Woolwich Tramsed Theater-London-UK                                  (recordings available)
1987-10-25 Interview @ Radio London-UK-Host Bob Powell                         (recordings available)
1987-10-27 Trysull Village Hall-Trysull-UK                                     (recordings available)
1987-10-28 Masborough Travellers Restaurant-Rotherham-UK                       (Various sources)
1987-10-29 New Crown Hotel-South Shields-UK                                    (various sources)
1987-10-30 the Venue-Edinburgh-Scotland-UK                                     (various sources)
1987-10-31 Dorpshuis De Meenthe-Steenwijk-NL                                   (with the Country Town Studio Band)-recordings & poster available
1987-11-02 Barry's Hotel-Tudor Rooms-Dublin-Ireland                            (various sources)

***** the dates of the 1988/1989 tours with Bob Moore are unshure-in A Deeper Blue are a bunch of double facts what makes some dates impossible,
      we  selected all given venues and (partly)dates-hopefully we can make corrections later *****

1988-02-20 Rockefeller's-Houston-TX                                            (Folk-Aid to Bail Out/the Kerrville Folk Festival)
1988-05-05 Centennial Concert Hall-Winnipeg-MB-Canada                          (with Guy Clark & Lyle Lovett)-Source  :the Winnipeg Free Press
1988-05-15 Stagger Lee's-Atlanta-GA                                            (with Guy Clark)-Source :the Atlanta Journal-1988-05-13
1988-05-30 Kerrville Folk Festival @ the Quiet Valley Ranch-Kerrville-TX       (1 recorded song :Gone Gone Blues available)
1988-07-05 the Birchmere-Alexandria-VA                                         (Calendar available)
1988-07-xx Wetlands Preservation-New York City-NY                              (on tour with Bob Moore) **
1988-07-xx Unknown Venue-Buffalo-NY                                            (on tour with Bob Moore) **
1988-07-xx Unknown Venue-Burlington-MA                                         (on tour with Bob Moore) **
1988-07-xx the Bottom Line-New York-NY                                         (on tour with Bob Moore) **
1988-07-30 the Speakeasy-New York-NY                                           (recordings available)-various sources
1988-07-31 Caffe Lena-Saratoga Springs-NY                                      (source :Caffe Lena homepage)
1988-08-06 Oak Grove Music Festival-Washington-DC                              (Len's List)
1988-09-29 Greenstreet's-Columbia-SC                                           (source :The State-1988-09-23)
1988-10-xx Leopard Tavern-Auckland-New Zealand                                 (with M.White) ** source A Deeper Blue
1988-10-xx the Gluepot-Auckland-New Zealand                                    (with M.White) **
1988-10-xx James Cabaret-Wellington-New Zealand                                (with M.White) **
1988-10-28 Oranga Hall @ the Waikato University-Hamilton-New Zealand           (with M.White) ** recordings available
1988-11-12/13 McCabes-Santa Monica-CA                                          (With Guy Clark)-source the Los Angeles Times-1988-11-14
1988-11-13 KPFT Studios Folkscene radio interview-Encino/Los Angeles-CA        (with Guy Clark)-host Howard Larman-recordings available
1988-11-16 Great American Music Hall-San Francisco-CA                          (with Guy Clark)-recordings available
1988-11-18 Sacred Grounds Coffee House-San Francisco-CA                        (with Guy Clark)-recordings available
1988-12-02 Moritz Von Bomhart Theater-Louisville-KY                            (recordings available)
1988-12-09 Unknown Venue possible the Cat's Cradle-Carrboro-NC                 (source :Jack Bernhardt interview/papers 1943-2011)-the interview was taken in Carrboro-NC
1988-xx-xx unknown radio station-St Paul-MO                                    (source  :C Friedrich's old tapelist)
1988-xx-xx Holliday Inn-Houston-TX-A Private Concert                           (Official released DVD)
1988-xx-xx Douglas Corner Cafe-Nashville-TN                                    (Source  :interview by Graham Reid)-with Guy Clark,Rodney Crowell & Lyle Lovett in the audience

1989-02-01 the Cactus Cafe-Austin-TX                                           (source :A Deeper Blue)
1989-02-03 Poor David's Pub-Dallas-TX                                          (source :A Deeper Blue)
1989-03-xx Staunton Folk Festival-Staunton-VA                                  (on tour with Bob Moore) ** also George Hamilton IV performed-date unshure
1989-03-18 the Ark-Ann Arbor-MI                                                (on tour with Bob Moore) ** source :the Ark database
1989-03-28 Trysull Village Hall-Trysull-UK                                     (recordings available)
1989-03-xx Studio BBC-Merseyside-Liverpool-UK                                  (Recordings available-Host Spencer Leigh)
1989-03/04-xx the International Festival of Country Music @ Wembley-London-UK  (Source available article)-this event took always place in april the other years-the source don't give an exact date
1989-04-02 the Richmond Pub-Brighton-UK                                        (various sources)
1989-04-07 Le Cameleon-Villeurbanne(nearby Lyon)-FRANCE                        (various sources)
1989-04-10 Riverhouse-Fieberbrunn-Austria                                      (Known from Webpage-Riverhouse/Fieberbrunn)
1989-04-11 Studio radio DRS-Basel-Switserland                                  (Recordings available-6 songs & start of an interview)
1989-04-12 das Sudhaus(America House)-Tuebingen-GERMANY                        (recordings available)
1989-04-14 Little Theater in Lohkasten-Siegen-GERMANY                          (poster available)
1989-04-16 Gasthof Lindenhof-Neusudende-GERMANY                                (recordings available)-Pfingst Festival
1989-04-20 Die Scheuer-Villingen/Schwenningen-Germany                          (recordings available)
1989-04-xx BFBS Studios Nightflight-Germany                                    (recordings available)
1989-04-xx Unknown Venue-Brussels-BELGIUM ???                                  (recordings available)-very unshure date & venue ???)
1989-05-02? Cape Cod Melody Tent-Hyannis-MA                                    (source :the Worchester Telegram & Gazette-1989-04-18)-EXACT date a little unshure
1989-05-05 the Old Vienna Kaffeehaus-Westboro-MA                               (Source :the Worchester Telegram & Gazette-1989-05-04)
1989-05-07 the Bottom Line-Manhattan-NY                                        (with Guy Clark)-sources :the Melville Newsday-1989-05-10 & the Bottom Line Performers list
1989-05-13 the Springfield Civic Center-Springfield-MA                         (Source : Union News-1989-05-13)
1989-05-26 Station Inn-Nashville-TN                                            (recordings available)-David Olney opened
1989-07-15 Midtown Cafe-Birmingham-MI                                          (recordings available)-on tour with Bob Moore **-La Casa Music Series
1989-08-04 Anderson Fair-Houston-TX                                            (various sources)
1989-08-05 Anderson Fair-Houston-TX                                            (various sources)
1989-08-18 Cactus Cafe-Austin-TX                                               (source :the Austin American Statesman-1989-08-19)
1989-08-19 Cactus Cafe-Austin-TX                                               (Jimmy LaFave opened)-source :the Austin American Statesman-1989-08-19
1989-08-27 Roots Of American Music Festival @ Damrosh Park-New York-NY         (Source :the New York Times-1989-08-25)- Photos available
1989-09-02 Bluegrass & American Music Fest-@ Riverfront Belvedere-Louisville-KY(Source :the Owensboro Messenger/Inquirer-1989-08-25)-4 days Festival-1989-09-01/02/03/04
1989-09-25 Nietsche's-Buffalo-NY                      9.00pm                   (Sources :the Buffalo News-1989-09-22 & 26)
1989-10-21 Liberty Hall-Lawrence-KS                   8.00pm                   (with Guy Clark & Robert Earl Keen)-recordings available-source :Journal World 1989-10-15

1990-03-03 the Showbar-Houston-TX                                              (with the Hemmer Ridge Mountain Boys)-poster available-Jean Caffeine opened-2 shows
1990-03-09 Cactus Cafe-Austin-TX                                               (with George Ensle)-poster available
1990-03-10 Cactus Cafe-Austin-TX                                               (with Bettie Elders)-poster available
1990-03-11 KUT Radio Interview-Austin-TX                                       (Host Larry Monroe)-recordings available
1990-03-14 Lester E Palmer Auditorium-Austin-TX      8.55pm                    (Austin Music Awards)-Source :the Austin American Statesman 1990-03-14-poster available
1990-04-04 the Bottom Line-New York City                                       (Julie Gold opened)-source :the Bottom Line performers list.
1990-04-27 the Ark-Ann Arbor-MI                                                (with Guy Clark & Robert Earl Keen)-source the Ark database
1990-04-28 the Old Town School Of Folk Music-Chicago-IL                        (with Guy Clark & Robert Earl Keen)-sources : the Chicago Tribune's-1990-04-22 & 26 -also an available article
1990-04-29 the Canal Street Tavern-Dayton-OH         9.30pm                    (Source :the Dayton Daily News-1990-04-07)
1990-05-01 Toad's Place-New Haven-CT                                           (Cowboy Junkies Tour) ^-source: a Cowboy Junkies fanpage
1990-05-02 Keswick Theatre-Glenside-PA                                         (Cowboy Junkies Tour) ^
1990-05-03 Beacon Theatre-New York-NY                                          (Cowboy Junkies Tour) ^
1990-05-04 Berkeley Performing Arts Centre-Boston-MA                           (Cowboy Junkies Tour) ^
1990-05-05 Paramount Performing Arts Centre-Springfield-MA                     (Cowboy Junkies Tour) ^
1990-05-07 Lisner Auditorium @ the George Washington University-Washington-DC  (Cowboy Junkies Tour) ^
1990-05-08 the Boathouse-Norfolk-VA                                            (Cowboy Junkies Tour) ^
1990-05-09 Stewart Theatre @ the NC State University-Raleigh-NC                (Cowboy Junkies Tour) ^
1990-05-10 Spirit Square-Charlotte-NC                                          (Cowboy Junkies Tour) ^
1990-05-11 Roxy Theatre-Atlanta-GA                                             (Cowboy Junkies Tour) ^ other source :the Atlanta Journal-1990-05-11
1990-05-13 Carefree Theater-West Palm Beach-FL                                 (Cowboy Junkies Tour) ^
1990-05-14 Tampa Theatre-Tampa-FL                                              (Cowboy Junkies Tour) ^
1990-05-16 Sloss Furnace-Birmingham-AL                                         (Cowboy Junkies Tour) ^
1990-05-17 Bogart's-Cincinnati-OH                                              (Cowboy Junkies Tour) ^
1990-05-18 Michigan Theater-Ann Arbor-MI                                       (Cowboy Junkies Tour) ^
1990-05-19 Central Park President's Room-Milwaukee-WI                          (Cowboy Junkies Tour) ^ other source :the Milwaukee Journal-1990-05-20
1990-05-20 Westport Playhouse-St.Louis-MO                                      (Cowboy Junkies Tour) ^
1990-05-22 Vic Theatre-Chicago-IL                                              (Cowboy Junkies Tour) ^
1990-05-23 Orpheum Theatre-Minneapolis-MN                                      (Cowboy Junkies Tour) ^ also on C Friedrich's old tapelist
1990-05-24 Centennial Concert Hall-Winnipeg-MB-CANADA                          (Cowboy Junkies Tour) ^
1990-05-27 National Arts Centre-Ottawa-ON-CANADA                               (Cowboy Junkies Tour) ^
1990-05-28 Theatre St Denis-Montreal-QC-CANADA                                 (Cowboy Junkies Tour) ^
1990-06-03 Interview @ FM Radio Portland-OR                                    (with the Cowboy Junkies) recordings available
1990-06-06 Jack Singer Concert Hall-Calgery-AB-CANADA                          (Cowboy Junkies Tour) ^ poster available
1990-06-07 Myer Horowitch Theatre-Edmonton-AB-CANADA                           (Cowboy Junkies Tour) ^ posters & ticket available
1990-06-09 the Moore Theater-Seattle-WA                                        (Cowboy Junkies Tour)   source :the Seattle Times-1990-06-08
1990-06-10 Queen Elizabeth Theatre-Vancouver-BC-CANADA                         (Cowboy Junkies Tour) ^ poster available
1990-06-12 Melody Ballroom-Portland-OR                                         (Cowboy Junkies Tour) ^ two shows 7 & 10 PM-some recordings available
1990-06-14 the Warfield-San Francisco-CA                                       (Cowboy Junkies Tour)   ticket available
1990-06-15 Paul Masson Winery-Saratoga-CA                                      (Cowboy Junkies Tour) ^ recordings available
1990-06-16 Arlington Theatre-Santa Barbara-CA                                  (Cowboy Junkies Tour) ^
1990-06-17 Wiltern Theatre-Los Angeles-CA                                      (Cowboy Junkies Tour) ^
1990-06-20 California Theatre-San Diego-CA                                     (Cowboy Junkies Tour) ^
1990-06-23 Paolo Soleri Amphitheatre-Santa Fe-NM                               (Cowboy Junkies Tour) ^
1990-06-24 the Boulder Theater-Boulder-CO                                      (Cowboy Junkies Tour)-Source : the Rocky Mountain News-1990-06-22
1990-06-28 Paramount Theatre-Austin-TX                                         (Cowboy Junkies Tour) ^ other source :Austin American Statesman 1990-05-17
1990-07-28 Belle Chere Down Town Streetfest-Asheville-NC                       (with Guy Clark) sources :the Charlotte Observer-1990-07-27 & Len's List
1990-07-29 Ella Guru's-Knoxville-TN                                            (Len's List)
1990-08-09 Enoch's Cafe-Shreveport-LA                                          (Len's List)
1990-08-10 Aqua Festival @ Auditorium Shores-Austin-TX                         (Source :the Austin American Statesman 1990-05-16)
1990-08-18 Scholz Garten-Austin-TX (Venue's 126th birthday celebration)        (with Jimmie LaFave & others)Source :the Austin American Statesman-1990-08-18
1990-08-26 Texas Songwriters Evening @ Red Butte's Garden-Salt Lake City-UT    (With Guy Clark & Robert Earl Keen)Sources :the Deseret News-1990-09-06 & a PDF-Pulse/University of Utah
1990-08-28 Wheeler Opera House-Aspen-CO                                        (with Guy Clark & Robert Earl Keen)-various sources
1990-08-29 Chautauqua Park-Boulder-CO                                          (with Guy Clark & Robert Earl Keen)-recordings available-various sources
1990-09-08 Friday Morning Musicale-Tampa-FL                                    (various sources)
1990-09-12 Unknown recordstore-Wellington-New Zealand                          (recordings available-Interview & 1 Song-Pancho & Lefty)
1990-09-13 Paisley Park-Wellington-New Zealand                                 (recordings available)-various sources
1990-09-14 Barrytown Hotel-North of Greymouth-South Island-New Zealand         (known from interviews)
1990-09-16 Unknown short interview-Auckland ?-New Zealand                      (some recordings available) 
1990-09-16 Leopard Tavern-Auckland-New Zealand                                 (known from interviews)
1990-09-17 the Gluepot-Auckland-New Zealand                                    (recordings available)-various sources
1990-09-20 Rose Shamrock & Thisle-Sydney-Australia                             (various sources)
1990-09-21 Moruya Hall-Moruya-Australia                                        (various sources)
1990-09-22 Madigan's-Brunswick/Melbourne-Australia                             (recordings available)-various sources
1990-09-23 Madigan's-Brunswick/Melbourne-Australia                             (various sources)
1990-10-08 the Winning Post-York-UK                                            (recordings available)-various sources
1990-10-xx Unknown venue-UK                                                    (Photos available)
1990-10-xx the Border Line-London-UK                                           (Photo available)
1990-10-15 Trysull Village Hall-Trysull-UK                                     (recordings available)
1990-10-20 Unknown Venue-Dublin-Ireland                                        (Source :A Deeper Blue)
1990-10-25 Quasimodo-Berlin-Germany                                            (Official released as "Rain On A Conga Drum")
1990-10-27 Tivoli-Utrecht-NL                                                   (recordings available)
1990-10-28 VPRO Radio Recordings @ Wim Bloemendaal's House-Amsterdam-NL        (recordings available)-aired 1990-12-28
1990-10-28 Doornroosje-Nijmegen-NL                                             (recordings available)
1990-10-31 the Cruise Cafe-Oslo-Norway                                         (poster available)
1990-11-07 the Bottom Line-New York-NY                                         (with Guy Clark & Robert Earl Keen)-sources :the New York Times 1990-11-11 & the Bottom Line performers list
1990-11-09 the Birchmere-Alexandria-VA                                         (with Guy Clark & Robert Earl Keen)-Sources :the Washington Post 1990-11-12 & available calendar
1990-11-10 Hearth-Pipersville-PA                                               (with Guy Clark & Robert Earl Keen)-sources :Add poster & recordings (both available)
1990-xx-xx University Of Texas-Austin-TX                                       (with Guy Clark)**** the same as 1991-02-16  recordings available

1991-01-20 Great American Music Hall-San Francisco-CA                          (with Guy Clark-recordings available)-various sources
1991-01-28 An Evening of Songwriters @ the Guthrie Theater-Minneapolis-MN 7.30pm (with Guy Clark-Spider John Koerner & others)-Source the Star Tribune-1991-01-28
1991-02-15 Arcadia Theatre-Dallas-TX                                           (with Guy Clark & Robert Earl Keen)-Source :the Dallas Morning News-1991-02-15
1991-02-16 Texas Union Ballroom @ the University of Texas-Austin-TX  8.00pm    (with Guy Clark & Robert Earl Keen)-source :the Austin American Statesman-1991-02-16 & 19 
1991-02-17 Unknown Venue-Houston-TX                                            (with Guy Clark & Robert Earl Keen)-source :the Houston Chronicle-1991-02-14
1991-04-early Grand Junction Hilton Hotel-Grand Junction-CO                    (with Guy Clark & Robert Earl Keen)-source :Article by Rock Cesario-date little unshure
1991-04-early Aspen's Wheeler Opera House-Aspen-CO                             (with Guy Clark & Robert Earl Keen)-source :Article by Rock Cesario-date little unshure
1991-04-05 Fine Arts Center-Colorado Springs-CO                                (with Guy Clark)-various sources
1991-04-06 Club West-Santa Fe-NM                                               (with Guy Clark)-source-newspaper archive "New Mexican"-1991-04-06-page 5
1991-04-07 Kachina Lodge-Taos-NM                                               (with Guy Clark)-various sources
1991-04-25 the Bottom Line-New York City-NY                                    (Fred Koller opened) -source :the Bottom Line performers 1991(available)
1991-04-27 Colonial Inn-Concord-MA                                             (recordings available)-various sources
1991-04-28 Johnny D's-Somerville-MA                                            (various sources)
1991-05-18 Winnipeg Folk Festival-Winnipeg-MB-Canada                           (Source :the Winnipeg Free Press)-with Guy Clark
1991-05-25 Town Square-Newland-NC                                              (Source : Songkick)
1991-06-16 Cultural Center Theater "the Mountain Stage"-Charleston-NC          (with Guy Clark-Robert Earl Keen & David Morris)-Source :Larry Groce-host/performer
1991-06-17 Kahootz-Richmond-VA                                                 (with Guy Clark & Robert Earl Keen)-Source :the Richmond Times-1991-06-17
1991-06-19 Texas Festival @ the Kennedy Center-Washington-DC                   (with Guy Clark-REK-Butch Hancock & Jimmie Dale Gilmore)-Source :the Washington Post-1991-06-22
1991-06-19 the Roadhouse Cafe-Washington-DC                                    (Source :the Fort Worth Star/Telegram-1991-06-18)
1991-06-26 Fatso's-Arlington-TX                                                (Source :the Fort Worth Star/Telegram-1991-06-21)
1991-06-27 Cactus Cafe-Austin-TX                                               (Source :the Austin American Statesman-1991-06-20)
1991-06-28 Cactus Cafe-Austin-TX                                               (Source :the Austin American Statesman-1991-06-20)-Beaver Nelson opened
1991-06-29 Mountain Stage-Charleston-NC ??Same as 1991-06-16 ??                (recordings available)
1991-07-21 the Birchmere-Alexandria-VA                                         (with Guy Clark & Darden Smith)-source :the Washington Post-1991-07-16
1991-08-06 the Bottom Line-New York City-NY                                    (with Jimmy Dale Gilmore)-source :the Bottom Line Performers 1991(available)
1991-08-23 Reading Festival-Reading-UK                                         (4 Texans Tour: all with: TvZ/Guy Clark/Peter Rowan & John Stewart)
1991-08-24 Bloomsbury Theatre-London-UK                                        (4 Texans Tour)-also with Loudon Wainwright III
1991-08-24 GLR Radio-Interview and live in the studio-London-UK                (with Guy Clark)-recordings available
1991-08-25 Bloomsbury Theatre-London-UK                                        (4 Texans Tour)-recordings available
1991-08-26 Wulfurn Hall-Wolverhampton-UK                                       (4 Texans Tour)
1991-08-28 Romily Centrestage-Stockport-UK                                     (4 Texans Tour)
1991-08-29 the Barbican-York-UK                                                (4 Texans Tour)-recordings available
1991-08-30 Salutation Hotel-Perth-UK                                           (4 Texans Tour)
1991-08-31 Pathe Hotel-Roscrea-IRELAND                                         (4 Texans Tour)-recordings available
1991-09-01 Olympia Theatre-Dublin-IRELAND                                      (4 Texans Tour)-recordings available
1991-09-14 Strawberry Festival-Camp Mather/Yosemite-CA                         (with Guy Clark & Robert Earl Keen)
1991-09-15 Strawberry Festival-Camp Mather/Yosemite-CA                         (with Guy Clark & Robert Earl Keen)-recordings available-various sources
1991-10-08 the Winning Post-York-UK                                            (various sources)
1991-10-16 Tom Tom Cafe-Heythuyzen-NL                                          (various sources)
1991-10-16/19 Vara studios-Hilversum-NL-10 meter sessions                      (recordings available)-1991-10-16 recorded & 1991-10-19 TV broadcasted
1991-10-19 Willem II-'s Hertogenbosch-NL                                       (recordings available)-various sources
1991-10-29 Estacy-Berlin-GERMANY                                               (recordings available)-various sources
1991-11-01 Unknown Venue-possible Doornroosje-Nijmegen-NL                      (various sources)
1991-11-02 de Melkweg-Amsterdam-NL                                             (partly with (for the last time ever !!!) Mickey White)-recordings available
1991-11-20 the Birchmere-Alexandria-VA                                         (with Guy Clark)-Poster available
1991-11-21 Club Taboo-Knoxville-TN                                             (various sources)
1991-11-22 the Down Home-Johnson City-TN                                       (with Guy Clark)-artical available
1991-11-23 Ten Years After Club-Hickory-NC                                     (recordings available)-various sources)
1991-12-07 The Bottom Line-New York City-NY                                    (with Mac McAnnely-David Olney & Greg Trooper :In Their Own Words-FM-host Vin Scelza)-source: Bottom Line performers
1991-spring KUT radio interview-Austin-TX                                      (host Larry Monroe)-recordings available
1991-xx-xx Unknown Venue-Chicago-IL                                            (with Guy Clark)-recordings available
1991-xx-xx unknown Venue-Minneapolis-MN                                        (with Guy Clark)-source :C Friedrich's old tapelist
1991-xx-xx the Cruise Cafe-Oslo-Norway                                         (source :VeGe Debat-Norway)-possible august or oct./early nov. tour

1992-01-09 Paradiso-Amsterdam-NL                                               (Singer Songwriter Marathon)-recordings available *-photos available
1992-01-10 Tivoli-Utrecht-NL                                                   (Singer Songwriter Marathon)-recordings available *
1992-01-11 de Oosterpoort-Groningen-NL                                         (Singer Songwriter Marathon)-recordings available *
1992-01-12 Willem II-'s Hertogenbosch-NL                                       (Singer Songwriter Marathon)-recordings available *
1992-01-xx NOB Radio studios-Hilversum-NL                                      (Singer Songwriter Marathon)-recordings available *-broadcasted @ Poppodium-Vara radio-1992-02-04
1992-02-28 McCabe's Guitarshop-Santa Monica-CA                                 (various sources)
1992-02-29 Backstage-Seattle-WA                                                (various Sources)
1992-03-02 East Cultural Center-Vancouver-BC-CANADA                            (various sources)
1992-03-06 Philadelphia Spring Folk Fest @ Haverford College-Philadelphia-PA   (source :the Philadelphia Inquirer-1992-03-06)-also with C.L.Chenier & the Red Hot Louisiana Band 
1992-03-14 the Downtown Lounge-Woodstock-NY                                    (Unshure -I can't find the source anymore)
1992-03-20 Gruene Hall-Gruene-TX                                               (with Guy Clark)-various sources
1992-03-21 La Zona Rosa-Austin-TX                                              (with Guy Clark)-various sources
1992-05-04 Cactus Cafe-Austin-TX                                               (various sources)
1992-05-06 La Zona Rosa-Austin-TX                                              (various sources)
1992-05-08 Three Teardrops Tavern-Dallas-TX                                    (with Guy Clark/Ray Wylie Hubbard/Bobby Rambo)-recordings available
1992-05-16 Fallon Community Center-Fallon-NV                                   (with Guy Clark & Robert Earl Keen)-PDF available
1992-08-13 the Great American Music Hall-San Francisco-CA                      (recordings available)
1992-08-27 Poor David's Pub-Dallas-TX-Benefit For Leonard Peltier    8.00pm    (With Steve Young,Roxy Gordon,Bob Trammell & others)-Source :the Dallas Morning News-1992-08-21
1992-08-29 Cactus Cafe-Austin-TX                                               (with Michael Fracasso)-various sources
1992-08-30 San Antonio Folk Festival @ Eisenhower Park-San Antonio-TX          (Source :San Antonio Express-1992-08-28)
1992-09-06/16 ?? Texas Main Street Theater-Houston-TX                          (with Vince Bell/David Rodriguez/George Ensley)-recordings available  
1992-09-19 Sons Of Hermann Hall-Dallas-TX                                      (with Jeff Glover)-various sources
1992-10-07 Paradiso-Amsterdam-NL                                               (recordings available)-various sources
1992-10-10 KRO studio's-Hilversum-NL                                           (Radio recordings-partly available)date a little unshure
1992-10-20 Das America Haus-Munich-Germany                                     (recordings available)-various sources
1992-10-22 Im Riverhouse-Fieberbrunn-Austria                                   (Known from Webpage Cafe Am Riverhouse)-some recordings available
1992-10-26 Quasimodo-Berlin-Germany                                            (recordings available)-various sources
1992-10-30 Nighttown-Rotterdam-NL                                              (ticket available)
1992-10-31 Willem II-'s Hertogenbosch-NL                                       (recordings available)-various sources
1992-11-early de Gele Zaal-Gent-Belgium                                        (unshure date/venue)
1992-11-03 the AB Bellevue Club-Brussels-BELGIUM                               (various sources)
1992-11-12 Cactus Cafe-Austin-TX                                               (recordings available)-various sources
1992-11-13 KUT radio -interview and live in the studio                         (Host Larry Monroe)-recordings available
1992-11-14 Luckenbach Dance Hall-Luckenbach-TX                                 (various sources)-poster available
1992-11-15 the W.E.Scott Theatre-Fort Worth-TX                                 (with Guy Clark & Verlon Thompson)-Source :the Fort Worth Star/Telegram-1992-11-15
1992-11-16 Unknown Venue-Houston-TX-Singer Songwriters                         (with Vince Bell/David Rodriguez & George Ensle )-1992-09-06/16 possible the same?
1992-12-04 Swallow Hill Music Hall-Denver-CO                                   (with Bob Turner & Mike Crowley)-Source :the Denver Post 1992-12-03 -page 1E
1992-12-06 E-Town Radio Program-Boulder-CO                                     (broadcasted 1992-12-25)-also futured :J.Stewart,H.Miller,W.Least & Heat Moon
1992-12-10 the Dell-Columbus-OH             9.00pm                             (source :the Columbus Dispatch-1992-12-10)
1992-12-11 the Beat Kitchen-Chicago-IL   (two Shows 8 & 10 pm)                 (recordings available)-sources :the Chicago Sun/Times 1992-12-10 & 11 -Ed Holstein opened
1992-12-12 Birmingham Unitarian Church-Bloomfield Hills/Birmingham-MI          (various sources)-La Casa Music Series-A very drunken gig
1992-xx-xx the Garage-Bergen-NORWAY                                            (1 recorded song & interview available-very unshure-possible wrong date/1994-11-01 ??)

                 * Singer Songwriters Marathon all shows with TvZ-Guy Clark-Eric Andersen-David Olney-Tom Pacheco-Pat Mears-Paul K. & Alex Chilton
1993-03-11 Fiesta-San Antonio-TX                                               (various sources)
1993-04-14 Palms Playhouse-Winters/Davis-CA                                    (various sources)                                
1993-04-24 Farm Aid VI @ Cyclone Stadium-Ames-IA                               (With Willie Nelson/Neil Young & other big names)source : Chicago Sun/Times-1993-04-21 -photos available
1993-04-27 Paramount Theatre-Austin-TX                                         (with Guy Clark,Nancy Griffith & others)-recordings for Texas Music Association
1993-04-28 "For The Sake Of The Song" TvZ tribute @ La Zona Rosa-Austin-TX     (with J.McMurtry,A.Escovedo,D.Halley,J.LaFave etc)sources :the Austin American Statesman-1993-04-26 & available article
1993-05-28 Kerrville Folk Festival @ the Quiet Valley Ranch-Kerrville-TX       (Various sources)
1993-06-03 Die Rote Fabrik-Zurich-Switserland                                  (recordings available)-on tour with Alex Chilton,Lorette Velvette & others
1993-06-08 Loft-Berlin-Germany                                                 (recordings available)
1993-06-09 Luxor-Koln-Germany                                                  (poster available)-festival with Alex Chilton,Lorette Velvette & others
1993-06-18 Tavastia-Helsinki-FINLAND                                           (recordings available)-various sources-support act for Melrose :(A Finish Rockband)
1993-06-19 Country Calvacade Festival-Karjaa-FINLAND                           (various sources)
1993-07-13 the American Music Shop @ the VanDerBilt University-Nashville-TN    (Guest of Nancy Griffith)other performers were :Janis Ian-Jerry Jeff Walker & Frank Christian
1993-07-16 Nelson Atkins Museum-Kansas City-MO                                 (recordings available)-various sources
1993-07-16 In Studio radio recordings-Kansas City-MO                           (recordings available)-short piece of interview & 1 song-You Are Not Needed Now
1993-07-17 Community Theatre-Lawrence-KS                                       (recordings available)-various sources
1993-07-17 In Studio radio recordings-Lawrence-KS                              (recordings available)-interview & 2 songs live-the Hole & Snowin'On Raton
1993-07-20 Station Hotel-Insch-Scotland-UK                                     (various sources)
1993-07-21 Ak Bell Library-Perth-Scotland-UK                                   (various sources)
1993-07-23 Renfrew Ferry-Glasgow-Scotland-UK                                   (various sources)
1993-07-24 the Adelphi-Preston-UK                                              (various sources)
1993-07-25 the Filling Station-Newport-UK                                      (various sources)
1993-07-27 Cambridge Folk Festival-Cambridge-UK                                (various sources)
1993-07-28 Cambridge Folk Festival-Cambridge-UK                                (various sources)
1993-07-30 Tom Tom Cafe-Heythuizen-NL                                          (source :the Tom Tom cafe page)
1993-07-31 Lokeren Music Festival-Lokeren-BELGIUM                              (with Pat Mears-the Watchman & others)-Source :Wikipedea & Festival poster available
1993-08-01? Bellamy Park Streetfestival-Vlissingen-NL                          (with the Watchman & unknown others)-various sources-date a little unshure
1993-08-09 Leon Springs Cafe-San Antonio-TX                                    (Source :San Antonio Express-1993-08-08)
1993-08-13 Cactus Cafe-Austin-TX                                               (various sources)
1993-08-21 Bluebird Cafe-Nashville-TN                                          (with Guy Clark/Gary Nicholson/Billy Joe Shaver & others)-recordings available-poster available
1993-09-17 Waterloo Records-Austin-TX                                          (release party Rear View Mirror)-recordings & poster available
1993-09-17 Cactus Cafe-Austin-TX                                               (with Barb Donovan)-various sources-poster available on Flickr
1993-09-18 Cactus Cafe-Austin-TX                                               (recordings available)-various sources-poster available on Flickr
1993-09-19 Shriner College-Kerrville-TX                                        (with Guy Clark)-source-the Austin American Statesman-1993-09-19
1993-10-06 Kultur & Freizeitcentrum-Marburg-GERMANY                            (recordings available)-various sources
1993-10-12 Studiobuhne-Koln-GERMANY                                            (various sources)
1993-10-19 de Oosterpoort-Groningen-NL                                         (2 recorded songs available)
1993-10-20 Knust-Hamburg-GERMANY                                               (various sources)
1993-10-23 Unknown Venue(possible-Jongeren Cafe Cactus)-Brugge-Belgium         (1 recorded song(2 Girls) available)
1993-10-25 Muziekcentrum Mr.Frits Philips-Eindhoven-NL                         (recordings available)-various sources
1993-10-25 Cafe de Buut*-Eindhoven-NL                                          (* a local bar after the Muziekcentrum Show !! )-2 recorded songs available
1993-10-xx Unknown Venue-possible the "Rote Fabrik"-Zurich-Switserland         (recordings available)-various sources
1993-11-18 the Iron Horse Music Hall-Northampton-MA                            (Source :Union News-1993-11-20)
1993-11-19 the Turning Point-Piermont-NY                                       (various sources)
1993-11-20 Godfrey Daniels-Bethlehem-PA                                        (2 Gigs) recordings available-various sources
1993-11-21 Prospect Park Picknic House-Brooklyn-NY                  3.00pm     (Source :Mellville Newsday-1993-11-21)
1993-11-xx the American Music Shop @ VanDerBilt University-Nashville-TN        (broadcast date-guest of Nancy Griffith)-recordings available
1993-12-02 Cactus Cafe-Austin-TX                                               (recordings available)-source :the Austin American Statesman-1993-12-02
1993-12-03 Cactus Cafe-Austin-TX                                               (source :the Austin American Statesman-1993-12-02)
1993-12-04 the 3th Floor Cantina-Bryan-TX                                      (source :the Larry Monroe/KUT interview next day)
1993-12-05 KUT radio-Austin-TX  Interview & live in the studio                 (Host Larry Monroe)-recordings available
1993-12-06 the Wheatsheaf-Stoke On Trent-UK                                    (various sources)
1993-12-07 Renfrew Ferry-Glasgow-Scotland-UK                                   (various sources)
1993-12-08 Whelan's-Dublin-IRELAND                                             (various sources)
1993-12-09 the Borderline-London-UK                                            (various sources)
1993-12-10 the Borderline-London-UK                                            (various sources)
1993-12-21 Poor Davids Pub-Dallas-TX                                           (Source :A post to Dick Vomer)
1993-xx-xx Texas Connection-San Antonio-TX                                     (TV show)-recordings available

1994-xx-xx Maple Leaf Bar-New Orleans-LA                                       (source :Jay Farrar in I'll Be Here In The Morning) 
1994-xx-xx Silverton Music Festival @ the Ski Area-Silverton-CO                (Source : One of the Books ?)
1994-03-12 Cactus Cafe-Austin-TX                                               (with Calvin Russell)-poster available-source :the Austin American Statesman-1994-03-10
1994-03-16 Writers in the Round @ the Mainstreet Theater-Houston-TX            (with David Broza,Linda Low & David Amram)
1994-03-17 Leon Springs Cafe-San Antonio-TX                                    (Source :San Antonio Express-1994-03-15)-C.J.Berkman opened
1994-03-20 E-Town radio Program-Boulder-CO                                     (aired 1994-04-22) also featured : Pattie Larkin & Chuck Forsman
1994-03-24 Segway City TV Productions-Austin-TX                                (recordings available)
1994-04-17 The Backroom @ McGrory's-Culdaff/Donegal-Ireland                    (12 official released songs available on Absolutely Nothing)
1994-04-18 Roisin Dubh-Galway-Ireland                                          (various recordings)
1994-04-19 the Lobby's Bar-Cork-Ireland                                        (various recordings)
1994-04-20 Whelan's-Dublin-Ireland                                             (recordings available)-various sources
1994-04-21 Elmwood Hall-Belfast-North Ireland                                  (various sources)
1994-04-22 the Pathe Hotel-Roscrea-IRELAND                                     (recordings available)-various sources
1994-04-23 Union Chapel-Islington/London-UK                                    (?? date or 2 shows)-recordings available
1994-04-24 Union Chapel-Islington/London-UK                                    (?? date or 2 shows)
1994-04-25 Fleece & Firkin-Bristol-UK                                          (various sources)
1994-04-26 the Robin Hood-Dudley-UK                                            (various sources)
1994-04-28 Telford's Warehouse-Chester-UK                                      (various sources)
1994-04-28 BBC radio-Manchester-UK                                             (Interview and live performances-Host Mark Radcliff)-recordings available
1994-04-29 Southport Arts Centre-Southport-UK                                  (various sources)
1994-04-30 Roisin Dubh ???-Galway-IRELAND                                      (Unshure venue/???)
1994-05-01 Sacre Coeur Hotel-Salthill-CO-Galway-IRELAND                        (various sources)
1994-05-02 Ulster Hall-Belfast-Northern Ireland-UK                             (with Jimmie Dale Gilmore & Darden Smith)-various sources
1994-05-03 the Winning Post-York-UK                                            (various sources)
1994-05-04 Ladies Ballroom-Middlesboro-UK                                      (various sources)
1994-05-05 the Lemon Tree-Aberdeen-UK                                          (recordings available)-various sources
1994-05-06 New County Hotel-Perth-Scotland-UK                                  (recordings available)-various sources
1994-05-07 King Tut`s Wah Wah Hut-Glasgow-Scotland-UK                          (recordings available)-various sources
1994-05-08 Band On The Wall-Manchester-UK                                      (recordings available)-various sources
1994-05-08 Ronnie Scott's-Birmingham-UK                                        (Source :the London Independent-1994-05-08
1994-05-18 Slim's-San Francisco-CA                                             (with Downy Mildew)-various sources
1994-05-19 Nicholby's Nightclub-Ventura-CA                                     (recordings available)-various sources
1994-05-20 Freight & Salvage-Berkeley-CA                                       (various sources)-Steve Young opened
1994-05-22 Backstage-Seattle-WA                                                (Various sources)
1994-05-23 Blue Hart Cafe-Portland-OR                                          (Steve Young Opened)-recordings available
1994-06-26 Silverton Jubilee Folk Music Festival-San Francisco-CA              (various sources)
1994-08-21 Popkomm Festival @ Tingle Tangle-Koln-Germany                       (Seems wrong or part of a very short European/Germany trip)-source :Songkick
1994-08-27/28 Schuba's Tavern-Chicago-IL                                       (various sources & the Chicago Tribune 1994-08-29)
1994-08-xx Club de Wash-Madison-WI                                             (Source :the Wisconsin State Journal-1994-08-25)
1994-09-30 La Zona Rosa-Austin-TX                                              (various sources)
1994-10-01 San Antonio Folk Festival-San Antonio-TX                            (various sources)
1994-10-xx Unknown Venue-Leicester-UK    ?????                                 (Very Unshure-possible short UK tour or same as 1994-12-08 ??)
1994-10-31 the Cruise Cafe-Oslo-Norway                                         (various sources)
1994-11-01 the Garage-Bergen-NORWAY                                            (various sources)
1994-11-02 Lucky Luke-Oslo/Moss-Norway                                         (various sources)
1994-11-03 Tom Tom Cafe-Heythuizen-NL                                          (various sources)
1994-11-04 Rotown-Rotterdam-NL                                                 (various sources)
1994-11-06 Haus Der Jugend-Ludenscheid-GERMANY                                 (recordings available)-various sources
1994-11-07 Negativ-Frankfurt-GERMANY                                           (recordings available)-various sources
1994-11-08 die Underground-Koln-GERMANY                                        (various sources)
1994-11-09 Bahnhof Langendreer-Bochum-GERMANY                                  (recordings available)-11 songs official released on In Pain
1994-11-10 Knust-Hamburg-GERMANY                                               (recordings available)-various sources
1994-11-11 Marquee-Berlin-GERMANY                                              (various sources)
1994-11-12 Jugendzentrum Kamp-Bielefeld-GERMANY                                (various sources)
1994-11-13 Komm-Nuremberg-GERMANY                                              (various sources)
1994-11-14 Star Club-Dresden-GERMANY                                           (various sources)
1994-11-15 Negativ-Frankfurt-GERMANY                                           (various sources)
1994-11-16 Jubez-Karlsruhe-GERMANY                                             (recordings available)-various sources
1994-11-17 Posthof-Linz-AUSTRIA                                                (various sources)
1994-11-18 die Szene-Wien-AUSTRIA                                              (recordings available)-various sources
1994-11-20 Kulturwerkstatt Kaserne-Basel-SWITSERLAND                           (various sources)
1994-11-21 Muffathalle-Munich-GERMANY                                          (recordings available)-various sources
1994-11-22 Roxy-Ulm-Switserland                                                (various sources)
1994-11-23 Kulturgelande Nonntal-Salzburg-AUSTRIA                              (various sources)
1994-11-24 ISC Club-Bern-SWITSERLAND                                           (various sources)
1994-11-25 Jazzhaus-Freiburg-GERMANY                                           (recordings available)-various sources
1994-11-26 Bikini Test-La Chaud De Fonds-SWITSERLAND                           (various sources)
1994-11-28 Klub K4-Ljubljana-SLOVENIA                                          (recordings available)-various sources
1994-11-29 Folk Club-Torino-ITALY                                              (various sources)
1994-11-30 Teatro Bogart-Cesena-ITALY                                          (various sources)
1994-12-01 Teatro San Materno-Ascona-SWITSERLAND                               (various sources)
1994-12-02 Teatro La Marne-Sesto Calende-ITALY                                 (recordings available)-various sources
1994-12-03 Teatro Albatross-Genova-ITALY                                       (various sources)
1994-12-04 House Of The Rising Sun-Private Concert-Caprino Veronese-ITALY      (recordings available)-various sources(Venue name in Italian-La Casa Del Sole)
1994-12-06 New Rotterdam-Belfast-North.Island-UK                               (various sources)
1994-12-07 Whelan's-Dublin-IRELAND                                             (various sources)
1994-12-08 Phoenix Arts Theater-Leicester-UK                                   (Michael Weston King opened)-various sources
1994-12-09 the Hop & Grape/University Of Manchester-UK                         (Michael Weston King opened)-recordings available-various sources
1994-12-10 Union Chapel-Islington/London-UK                                    (Michael Weston King opened)-recordings available-various sources
1994-12-11 King Tut`s Wah Wah Hut-Glasgow-Scotland-UK                          (various sources)
1994-12-12 County Hotel-Perth-SCOTLAND-UK                                      (2 shows a day or wrong date ???)
1994-12-12 Assembly Rooms-Edingburgh-SCOTLAND-UK                               (2 shows a day or Wrong date ???)-recordings available
1994-12-17 Lunar Cabaret & Full Moon Cafe-West Lakeview/Chicago-IL             (source :Chicago Sun/Times 1994-12-19)
1994-12-xx the Shaunk Hall-Milwaukee-WI                                        (source :the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)-unshure date-late 1994 or early(march ??) 1995

1995-01-08 Cultural Center Theater "the Mountain stage"-Charleston-NC          (with Debora Holland-Tom Ball & Kenny Sultan)-recordings available-aired 1995-02-24-various source
1995-01-15 Alter Slachthof-Hanau-GERMANY                                       (seems wrong ???-but various sources)
1995-01-17 Solosessions @ Austin Music Network Studios-Austin-TX               (recordings available)-Interview by Jody Denberg
1995-01-19 Cactus Cafe-Austin-TX                                               (with Mark Ambrose)-various sources
1995-01-20 Austin Radio Session @ KGRS radio-Austin-TX                         (recordings available)
1995-01-20 Cactus Cafe-Austin-TX             9.00pm                            (with Richard Dobson)-source :the Austin American Statesman-1995-01-19
1995-01-21 Cactus Cafe-Austin-TX             9.00pm                            (with Barb Donovan)-source :the Austin American Statesman-1995-01-19
1995-01-22 Austin Radio Session @ KUT radio-Austin-TX                          (with Richard Dobson)-recordings available
1995-01-22 Cactus Cafe-Austin-TX                                               (various sources)
1995-01-26 Poor David's Pub-Dallas-TX                                          (various sources)
1995-02-02 KUT radio interview-Austin-TX                                       (Host Larry Monroe)-recordings available
1995-02-10 McCabes Guitarshop-Santa Monica-CA                                  (Partly with Kelly Joe Phelps) Released recordings (live @ McCabe's)available
1995-02-12 Hacienda Del Sol-Reno-NV                                            (various sources)
1995-02-16 Great American Music Hall-San Francisco-CA                          (Partly with Michael James)-recordings available-various sources-Alejandro Escovedo opened
1995-02-17 Palms Playhouse-Winters/Davis-CA                                    (recordings available)-various sources-Alejandro Escovedo opened
1995-02-18 Fat Music Radio Interview-Green Valley-CA                           (recordings available)-various sources-Host Felton Pruitt
1995-02-18 Live Soup-Santa Cruz-CA                                             (various sources)
1995-02-20 John Henry's-Eugene-OR                                              (recordings available)-various sources-Debbie Diedrich opened
1995-02-20 Mike Meyers KVRM radio Show-Eugene-OR                               (Interview and (two?)live songs)-Source :Len Coop on Blue Sky
1995-02-23 East Avenue Tavern-Portland-OR                                      (recordings available)-various sources-2 gigs/first gig postponed/bad publicaty)
1995-02-24 Backstage-Seattle-WA                                                (various sources)
1995-02-25 Northern Light Church-Juneau-AK                                     (Only visit of Alaska)-various sources
1995-03-08 Old Vienna Kaffeehaus-Westborough-MA                                (various sources)
1995-03-09 Allegro Cafe-Middleton-MA                                           (various sources)
1995-03-10 Bottom Line-New York-NY                                             (source the Record-New Jersey-1995-03-10)-Lucy Kaplanski opened
1995-03-11 Tin Angel-Philadelphia-PA                                           (2 concerts-8.30 & 10.00)-sources :the Philadelphia Inquirer & the Morning Call-1995-03-15
1995-03-12 Godfrey Daniels-Bethlehem-PA                                        (recordings available)-source :the Morning Call-1995-03-15
1995-03-15 Turning Point-Piermont-NY                                           (recordings available)-various sources
1995-03-16 Iron Horse Music Hall-Northampton-MA                                (with Martin Sexton)-article available
1995-03-18 the Norwood Theater-Norwood-MA                                      (various sources)
1995-03-19 Johnny D's-Sommerville-MA                                           (various sources)
1995-03-22 the Ark-Ann Arbor-MI                                                (Source :Database-the Ark)
1995-03-30 12th & Porter-Nashville-TN                                          (Gillian Welch & David Rawlings opened)-various sources
1995-04-17 12th & Porter-Nashville-TN                                          (various sources)  
1995-06-08 Kerrville Folkfestival @ the Quiet Valley Ranch-Kerrville-TX        (with David Broza,Linda Lowe & David Ahmran/Writers in the round ??)-various sources
1995-06-09 Cactus Cafe-Austin-TX                                               (with Jill Sobule)-various sources
1995-06-10 Cactus Cafe-Austin-TX                                               (with Will T.Massey)-various sources
1995-06-15 Kentucky Theater-Lexington-KY                                       (various sources)
1995-06-16 Paramounts Arts Center-Ashland-KY                                   (various sources)
1995-06-17 Southgate House-Newport-KY                                          (with Guy Clark)-Source :the Kentucky Post-1995-06-20
1995-06-19/20 Summerfolk Festival @ Hennepin Parks-St Paul-MN                  (Source : the Star Tribune 1995-06-18)
1995-06-25 Summerfolk Festival-Minneapolis-MN                                  (Photos available)
1995-07-11 Szene-Wien-Austria                                                  (recordings available)-various sources
1995-07-30 Bardentreffen-Nurnberg-GERMANY                                      (1 recorded song(Dollar Bill Blues)available)-various sources
1995-07-31 Kultur Im Hinterhalt-Gelting-GERMANY                                (recordings available)-various sources
1995-08-10 Mariposa Festival-Acoustic Stage-"For The Sake Of The Song"-Toronto-CANADA  (PDF article available)-2.30 pm
1995-08-10 Mariposa Festival-Folk playStage-Toronto-ON-CANADA                  (PDF article available)-6.00 pm
1995-08-11 Mariposa Festival-@ the Horseshoe Tavern-Toronto-ON-CANADA          (PDF article available)-11.45 pm
1995-08-21 Barley's-Columbus-OH                                                (with Tim Easton)
1995-08-25 Club de Wash-Madison-WI                                             (various sources)
1995-09-13 Bluebird Cafe-Nashville-TN-fundraiser for Interfaith Dental Clinic  (with Guy Clark-Steve Earle & EmmyLou Harris)-Official released recordings available
1995-10-06 Siren's-Port Towsend-WA                                             (various Sources)
1995-10-07 the Backstage-Seattle-WA                                            (various sources)
1995-10-08 Aladdin Theater-Portland-OR                                         (recordings available)-various sources & the Columbian-Vancouver-1995-10-08
1995-10-09 John Henry's-Eugene-OR                                              (recordings available)-Peter Wilde opened-article available
1995-10-11 Highway 30 Coffee Company-La Grande-OR                              (various sources)
1995-10-12 Old Boise Music Store-Boise-ID                                      (various sources)
1995-10-13 Challis JR High Auditorium-Challis-ID                               (various sources)
1995-10-14 University of Montana-Missoula-MT                                   (various sources)
1995-10-15 Gallatin Getaway-Bozeman-MT                                         (various sources)
1995-10-23 the Acoustic Cafe Radio Show-Ann Arbor-MI                           (known from some tribute recordings-1997-01-28)-with Guy Clark
1995-10-25 the Drum Room-Kansas City-MO                                        (recordings avalable)-various sources
1995-10-26 Off Broadway-St.Louis-MO                                            (Source :St Louis Post-1995-10-28)
1995-10-27 Schuba's Tavern-Chicago-IL                                          (various sources)
1995-10-28 Club De Wash-Madison-WI                                             (various sources)
1995-10-29 7th House-Pontiac-MI                                                (various sources)
1995-11-02 Godfrey Daniels-Bethlehem-PA                                        (with Guy Clark)-recordings available-various sources-2 gigs
1995-11-03 the Tin Angel-Philadelphia-PA                                       (various sources)
1995-11-04 Norwood Theater-Norwood-MS                                          (various sources)
1995-11-05 the Iron Horse Music Hall-Northampton-MS                            (with Guy Clark)-source :the Albany Times Union 1995-11-02
1995-11-06 the Bottom Line-New York-NY     (2 gigs-7.30 & 10.30 pm)            (with Guy Clark)-source :the Record 1995-11-06 -1 recorded song (Old Shep) available
1995-11-09 Bla Rock Cafe-Tromso-NORWAY                                         (various sources)
1995-11-13 the Ab Bellevueclub-Brussels-BELGIUM                                (recordings available)-various sources
1995-11-15 Schweinehalle-Hanau-Germany                                         (recordings available)-various sources
1995-11-16 das Sudhaus-Tubingen-GERMANY                                        (various sources)
1995-11-17 BOA Kulturzentrum-Luzern-SWITSERLAND                                (various Sources)
1995-11-18 das Altes Theater-Ulm-GERMANY                                       (recordings available)-various sources
1995-11-19 die Neue Welt-Ingolstadt-GERMANY                                    (various sources)
1995-11-20 Muffathalle-Munich-Germany                                          (recordings available)-various sources
1995-11-20 Bavarian Radio Broadcast-Munich-Germany                             (recordings available)
1995-11-21 E-Werk-Erlangen-GERMANY                                             (various sources)
1995-11-22 Manufaktur-Schorndorf-Germany                                       (recordings available)-various sources
1995-11-23 Kult-Niederstetten-GERMANY                                          (various sources)
1995-11-24 Burgerhaus Kalk-Koln-Germany                                        (various sources)
1995-11-25 Cafe Konkurs-Krefeld-GERMANY                                        (various sources)
1995-11-26 Knust-Hamburg-GERMANY                                               (various sources)
1995-11-27 Jazz Galerie-Bonn-Germany                                           (various sources)
1995-11-28 Kultur & Freizeitzentrum-Marburg-Germany                            (various sources)
1995-11-29 Loft Im Metropol-Berlin-GERMANY                                     (recordings available)-various sources                                            
1995-11-30 Star Club-Dresden-GERMANY                                           (various sources)
1995-12-01 Objekt 5-Halle-GERMANY                                              (various sources)
1995-12-02 Unknown Venue-Gottingen-GERMANY                                     (various sources)
1995-12-03 042-Nijmegen-NL                                                     (recordings available)-various sources
1995-12-05 the Wheatsheaf-Stoke On Trent-UK                                    (various sources)
1995-12-07 the Renfrew Ferry-Glasgow-Scotland-UK                               (recordings available)-various sources
1995-12-08 Whelan's-Dublin-Ireland                                             (various sources)
1995-12-09 the Borderline-London-UK                                            (recordings available)-various sources
1995-12-10 the Borderline-London-UK                                            (recordings available)-various sources

1996-01-19 Cactus Cafe-Austin-TX                                               (Richard Dobson Opened-9.45)-various sources
1996-01-20 Cactus Cafe-Austin-TX                                               (with Denice Franke & Richard Dobson) -9.45 pm-source: the Austin American Statesman-1996-01-20
1996-01-26 McGonigle's Mucky Duck-Houston-TX                                   (source :the Houston Press 1996-01-25)-9.30 pm-Trish Murphy Opened
1996-01-27 Poor David's Pub-Dallas-TX                                          (source :Dallas Morning News-1996-01-29)-8.00 pm
1996-02-03 Bathurst Street Theatre-Toronto-ON-CANADA                           (various sources-9.30)
1996-02-xx Bluebird Cafe-Nashville-TN                                          (source : A Deeper Blue)
1996-03-21 the Old Santa Fe Music Hall-Santa FE-NM                             (with Guy & Travis Clark-8.30)-various sources
1996-04-10 the Drum Room-Kansas City-MO                                        (with Guy & Travis Clark-7.30 & 10.00)-various sources
1996-04-11 the Fine Line Lounge-Minneapolis-MN                                 (with Guy & Travis Clark-8.00 & 10.00)-various sources
1996-04-12 the East End-Madison-WI                                             (with Guy & Travis Clark-8.00 & 10.00)-various sources & the Wisconsin State Journal 1996-04-11
1996-04-13 Old Town School Of Folk Music-Chicago-IL                            (with Guy & Travis Clark-7.00 & 10.00)-various sources
1996-04-14 the Ark-Ann Arbor-MI                                                (with Guy & Travis Clark-7.30 & 9.00) -various sources
1996-04-24 Green's Grocery-Leiper's Fork-TN                                    (with Guy Clark & Robert Earl Keen)-source :the Billboard of the 20th of April 1996-page 42
1996-04-27 "the Rock Creek Ranch Show"@ the Sons Of Hermann Hall-Dallas-TX     (with Butch Hancock-9.00)-source :article in the Dallas Observer-1996-04-25
1996-05-03 Cactus Cafe-Austin-TX                                               (with Beaver Nelson)-various sources
1996-05-04 cactus Cafe-Austin-TX                                               (with Carrie Newcomer)-various sources
1996-05-05 Executive Surf Club-Corpus Christi-TX                               (various sources)
1996-05-10 the Old Quarter-Galveston-TX                                        (source : Wrecks Bell)
1996-05-14 Mc Gronigle's Mucky Duck-Houston-TX                                 (various sources)
1996-06-18 the Birchmere-Alexandria-VA                                         (source :the Washington Post-1996-06-14)-James McMurtry opened-Calendar available
1996-06-23 the Ryman-Nashville-TN                                              (with the Calvins) Walter Hyatt Tribute-various sources
1996-07-10 Green's Grocery-Leiper's Fork-TN                                    (with G.Clark-& R.Crowell)source :the Nashville Scene-1996-07-18  G.Welch & D.Rawlings opened
1996-07-10 Midnight Party @ the Station Inn-Nashville-TN                       (with G.Clark-& R.Crowell)source :the Nashville Scene-1996-07-18  G.Welch & D.Rawlings opened
1996-07-11 the Cat's Cradle-Carrboro-NC                                        (various sources)
1996-07-12 Theatre On The Green-Cheraw-SC                                      (with Two Dollar Guitar)-various sources
1996-07-13 the Down Home-Johnson City-TN                                       (various sources)
1996-07-14 Blind Willie's-Atlanta-GA                                           (various sources)
1996-07-20 the Station Hotel-Insch-Scotland-UK                                 (various sources)
1996-07-21 Ak Bell Libary-Perth-Scotland-UK                                    (various sources)
1996-07-23 the Renfrew Ferry-Glasgow-Scotland-UK                               (various sources)
1996-07-24 Adelphi-Preston-WALES-UK                                            (various sources)
1996-07-25 the Filling Station-Newport-WALES-UK                                (various sources)
1996-07-27 Cambridge Folk Festival @ the Grounds Of Hinton Hall-Cambridge-UK   (various sources)
1996-07-28 Cambridge Folk Festival @ the Grounds Of Hinton Hall-Cambridge-UK   (various sources)
1996-07-29 Whelans-Dublin-IRELAND                                              (various sources)
1996-07-30 Roisin Dubh-Galway-IRELAND                                          (various sources)
1996-07-31 Katy Daily's/the Limelight-Belfast-North.Island-UK                  (source :the People Magazin-London-1996-07-16)
1996-08-01 McGrory's-Culdaff-IRELAND                                           (various sources)
1996-08-02 TBC-Limerick-IRELAND                                                (various sources)
1996-08-03 the Lobby Bar-Cork-IRELAND                                          (various sources)
1996-08-08 Palms Playhouse-Davis-CA                                            (various sources)
1996-08-09 Little Waldorf Saloon-Reno-NV                                       (various sources)
1996-08-10 Freight & Salvidge-Berkeley-CA                                      (various sources)-postponed
1996-08-11 Freight & Salvidge-Berkeley-CA                                      (with the Cache Valley Drifters)-various sources
1996-08-16 the Ashgrove-Santa Monica-CA                                        (Source :Daily News-Los Angeles-1996-07-09)-2 shows
1996-09-xx Recordings @ Flashpoint Studio-Austin-TX                            (1 recorded song available on Absolutely Nothing)
1996-09-28 Eureka Springs Municipal Auditorium-Eureka Springs-AZ               (with The Calvin's)-the Ozark Folk Festival-source :the Arkansas Democrat Gazette-1996-09-27
1996-10-03 McGronigle's Mucky Duck-Houston-TX                                  (various sources)
1996-10-05 the Old Quarter-Galveston-TX                                        (with the Calvin's)-Richard Dobson opened
1996-10-09 Poor David's Pub-Dallas-TX                                          (with the Calvin's)-various sources
1996-10-10 Granbury Opera House-Granbury-TX                                    (with Terry Allen & Ray Wylie Hubbard)-source :the Fort Worth Star/Telegram-two gigs-article available 
1996-10-11 the Cactus Cafe-Austin-TX                                           (with the Calvin's)-source :the Austin American Statesman-1996-10-11
1996-10-12 the Cactus cafe-Austin-TX                                           (with Richard Dobson & the Calvin's)-source :the Austin American Statesman-1996-10-12
1996-10-13 KUT radio-Austin-TX    interview & Live performances                (with the Calvin's-Host Larry Monroe)-recordings available
1996-10-xx the Bla Rock Cafe-Tromso-Norway                                     (Known from (Vinyl) recordings)?? possible recordings from 1995-11-09
1996-10-31 the Cruise Cafe-Oslo-NORWAY                                         (various sources)
1996-11-01 Alex Music Cafe-Trondheim-NORWAY                                    (various sources)
1996-11-03 Winston Kingdom-Amsterdam-NL                                        (various sources)
1996-11-04 Rotown-Rotterdam-NL                                                 (recordings available)-various sources
1996-11-05 Knust-Hamburg-GERMANY                                               (various sources)
1996-11-06 Knust-Hamburg-GERMANY                                               (with Chris Deschner)-various sources
1996-11-07 Huxley's Neue Welt-Berlin-GERMANY                                   (various sources)-with Chris Deschner
1996-11-08 Huxley's Neue Welt-Berlin-GERMANY                                   (various sources)-with Chris Deschner
1996-11-09 Star Club-Dresden-GERMANY                                           (1 recorded /official released song (Loretta) available on In Pain)
1996-11-10 Cornish Pub das Steinenhaus-Solingen-GERMANY                        (recordings available)-various sources
1996-11-11 Jazz Galerie-Bonn-GERMANY                                           (various sources)
1996-11-12 Odeon-Munster-GERMANY                                               (recordings available)-various sources
1996-11-13 042-Nijmegen-NL                                                     (recordings available)-various sources
1996-11-15 Cafe Glocksee-Hannover-GERMANY                                      (various sources)
1996-11-16 Kamp-Bielefeld-GERMANY                                              (recordings available)-various sources
1996-11-17 Tivoli-Utrecht-NL                                                   (recordings available)-various sources-with Dale Watson-ticket available
1996-11-18 Muffathalle-Munich-GERMANY                                          (1 recorded/official released song (Snowin'On Raton) available on In Pain)
1996-11-19 Autonomes Kulturcentrum(AKW)-Wurzburg-GERMANY                       (recordings available)-various sources-Markus Rill opened
1996-11-20 Manufaktur-Schorndorf-GERMANY                                       (recordings available)-various sources
1996-11-21 Hirsch-Nurnberg-GERMANY                                             (recordings available)-various sources
1996-11-22 Jazzkeller-Burghausen-GERMANY                                       (various sources)
1996-11-23 Kulturgasthof Bierstindl-Innsbruck-AUSTRIA                          (various sources)
1996-11-24 Szene-Wien-AUSTRIA                                                  (recordings available)-1 song (You Gotta Move) official released on In Pain
1996-11-25 Kleinkunstbuhne Neue Welt-Ingolstadt-GERMANY                        (recordings available)-various sources
1996-11-26 Theatre Casina-Zug-SWITSERLAND                                      (various sources)
1996-11-27 Kulturladen-Konstanz-GERMANY                                        (various sources)
1996-11-28 ISC Club-Bern-SWITSERLAND                                           (various sources)
1996-11-29 the Underground-Koln-GERMANY                                        (recordings available)-various sources
1996-11-30 Bahnhof Langendreer-Bochum-GERMANY                                  (recordings available)-2 songs(Stopping Off Place & Alone & Forsaken)official released On In Pain
1996-12-01 MTW (Musicterasse Wiking)-Offenbach-GERMANY                         (various sources)
1996-12-03 the Borderline-London-UK                                            (recordings available-Townes last live performance ever) various sources
1996-12-05 recordings @ Flashpoint Studio-Austin-TX                            (4 recorded songs available @ Absolutely Nothing)

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