Townes Van Zandt
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1. [a_song_for.txt] A Song For
2. [aint_leavin.txt] Ain't Leavin' Your Love
3. [at_my_window.txt] At My Window
4. [be_here_to.txt] Be Here To Love Me
5. [big_country_blues.txt] Big Country Blues
6. [black_crow_blues.txt] Black Crow Blues
7. [blazes_blues.txt] Blaze's Blues
8. [blue_ridge_mtns.txt] Blue Ridge Mountains
9. [blue_wind.txt] Blue Wind Blew
10. [bro_flr.txt] Brother Flower
11. [buck_stallion.txt] Buckskin Stallion Blues
12. [catfish_song.txt] The Catfish Song
13. [colorado_bound.txt] Colorado Bound
14. [colo_girl.txt] Colorado Girl
15. [columbine.txt] Columbine
16. [come_tomorrow.txt] Come Tomorrow
17. [cowboy_junkies_lament.txt] Cowboy Junkies' Lament
18. [delta_mamma.txt] Delta Mamma Blues
19. [dollar_bill_blues.txt] Dollar Bill Blues
20. [dont_take_it.txt] Dont Take It Too Bad
21. [fare_the.txt] Fare Thee Well Miss Carousel
22. [flyin_shoes.txt] Flyin' Shoes
23. [for_the_sake.txt] For the Sake of the Song
24. [greensboro_woman.txt] Greensboro Woman
25. [goin_down_to_memphis.txt] Goin' Down To Memphis
26. [gypsy_friday.txt] Gypsy Friday
27. [heavenly_house.txt] Heavenly Houseboat Blues
28. [hey_willie.txt] Hey Willie Boy
29. [hiwaykind.txt] Highway Kind
30. [high_low_in_bet.txt] High Low and In Between
31. [the_hole.txt] The Hole
32. [if_I_needed.txt] If I Needed You
33. [ill_be_here.txt] Ill Be Here In the Morning
34. [kathleen.txt] Kathleen
35. [katie_belle.txt] Katie Belle Blue
36. [like_a_summer.txt] Like A Summer Thursday
37. [loretta.txt] Loretta
38. [lovers_lullaby.txt] Lovers' Lullaby
39. [lungs.txt] Lungs
40. [many_a_fine_lady.txt] Many A Fine Lady
41. [marie.txt] Marie
42. [maryettas_song.txt] Maryetta's Song
43. [meadowlark_the.txt] The Meadowlark (w/Eric Andersen)
44. [mister_cant_you.txt] Mister Can't You See (w/Mickey Newbury)
45. [mr_mudd.txt] Mr. Mudd and Mr. Gold
46. [my_proud.txt] My Proud Mountains
47. [no_deal.txt] No Deal
48. [no_lonesome.txt] No Lonesome Tune
49. [no_place_to.txt] No Place To Fall
50. [none_but_the.txt] None But the Rain
51. [nothin.txt] Nothin'
52. [only_him_or_me.txt] Only Him Or Me
53. [our_mother.txt] Our Mother the Mountain
54. [pancho_and.txt] Pancho and Lefty
55. [pueblo_waltz.txt] Pueblo Waltz
56. [quicksilver_day.txt] Quicksilver Daydreams of Maria
57. [rake.txt] Rake
58. [rex_blues.txt] Rex's Blues
59. [road_the.txt] The Road (w/Eric Andersen)
60. [sad_cinderella.txt] Sad Cinderella
61. [saint_john.txt] Saint John the Gambler
62 [sanitarium_blues.txt] Sanitarium Blues
63. [second_lover.txt] Second Lover's Song
64. [she_came.txt] She Came and She Touched Me
65. [silver_ships.txt] The Silver Ships of Andilar
66. [snake_mountain_blues.txt] Snake Mountain Blues
67. [snake_song.txt] Snake Song
68. [snow_dont_fall.txt] Snow Don't Fall
69. [snowinon.txt] Snowin On Raton
70. [still_looking.txt] Still Looking For You
71. [tecumseh_valley.txt] Tecumseh Valley
72. [to_live_is_to_fly.txt] To Live Is To Fly
73. [tower_song.txt] Tower Song
74. [turnstyled.txt] Turnstyled, Junkpiled
75. [two_girl.txt] Two Girls
76. [two_hands.txt] Two Hands
77. [waitin_around.txt] Waitin Around To Die
78. [waitin_for_the.txt] Waitin For the Day
79. [when_he_offers.txt] When He Offers His Hand
80. [when_she_dont.txt] When She Don't Need Me
81. [when_your_dream.txt] When Your Dream Lovers Die
82. [where_i_lead_me.txt] Where I Lead Me
83. [white_freightliner.txt] White Freightliner Blues
84. [why_shes.txt] Why She's Acting This Way
85. [you_are_not.txt] You Are Not Needed Now
Songs not written by Townes
+1. [darcy_farrow.txt] Darcy Farrow
by S. Gillett & T. Campbell
+2. [dead_flowers.txt] Dead Flowers
by M. Jagger & K. Richards
+3. [dont_let_the_sun.txt] Don't Let the Sunshine Fool You
by Guy Clark
+4. [fraulein.txt] Fraulein
by Lawton Williams
+5. [shrimp_song.txt] Shrimp Song
by R Bennett and S Tepper

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