Townes Van Zandt - Concert Appearances (formerly "Tour Schedule")

Note: many of these concert appearances have not been verified.
Eventually, we would like to expand this list to include
ALL of TVZ's concert appearances - if you have any information,
please contact Len Coop
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Note - this is not a list of recorded shows. See the tape archives here

Sources:   1) Keith Case & Associates (former booking agent)
	   2) Misc sources incl. Tape archives, Dirty Linen Magazine, Patrick Hurley, Ranger Randell
           3) Stan J. w/documents from the 1971 National/Bitter End Coffee House Circuit
           4) Emails from Marc S., many others
           5) (last accessed March 2012) 
           6) Major inputs from Hans Golverdingen Aug 2012

??/??/66   Houston      Texas      Jester Lounge (numerous appearances)

07/10/67   Austin       Texas      Zilker Park KHFI-FM Summer Music Festival

11/26/69   New York     NY         Carnegie Hall (Poppy Records showcase, released as "A Gentle Evening with TVZ")

05/27-06/08/70 New York  NY        The Bitter End-New York City nightly performances
08/27/70   Houston      TX         KPFT radio interview
10/20/70   New York     NY         Bob Fass radio show WBAI-FM

02/23/71   Laurinburg   NC         St. Andrews College Farrago article  interview (Coffee House Circuit)
Sprng/71   Charlotte    NC         Davidson College (Coffee House Circuit ref1 summary) review
Sprng/71   Pembroke     NC         Univ. N. Carolina (Coffee House Circuit ref2) review
Sprng/71   Greenville   NC         Univ. E. Carolina (Coffee House Circuit ref3 photo)review

xx/xx/72   Crested Butte CO        Unknown-???
05/xx/72   Kerrville    TX         Kerrville Folk Festival-Kerrville
05/12-13/72 Athens      Ohio       Ohio Univ. Folk Festival (known from concert poster)

XX/XX/73   WMMR-FM                 interview & songs 20 min
xx/xx/73   Dallas       TX         Rubaiyat (A week with Lonnie Knight)
05/11/73   Milwaukee    WI         Arena (with Frank Zappa, Mahavishnu Orch. and John Hammond)
05/27/73   Kerrville    Texas      Kerrville Folk Festival
07/20/73   Houston      Texas      Old Quarter (several appearances)
11/09/73   Minneapolis  MN         University of Minnesota The Whole Coffeehouse

05/23/74   Kerrville    TX         Kerrville Folk Festival
07/4-6/74  College Sta. TX         Texas World Speedway (Willie Nelson's 4th of July Picnic)
   74?75   Winston-Salem NC        Walt Chapel Wake Forest Univ.

05/23/75   Kerrville    TX         Kerrville Folk Festival Blues Workshop
05/24/75   Kerrville    TX         Kerrville Folk Festival Appearance and Blues Workshop
09/30/75   Austin       TX         Austin City Limits
04/28-30/75?76   Lexington    Kentucky   Jefferson Davis Inn

03/11/77   Carrboro     North Car. The Cat's Cradle
03/18/77   Pittsboro    North Car. The Gryphon      
05/28/77   Kerrville    TX         Kerrville Folk Festival
06/2-4/77  Houston      TX         Liberty Hall-w/Hemmer Ridge Mountain Boys
09/17/77   Bryn Mawr    PA         Main Point 2 shows 8:00 & 10

??/??/78   Eugene       OR         The Place- w/Ruester Rowland and Owen Cody
04/19/78   Madison      WI         Bunky`s
05/03/78   Louisville   Kentucky   Great Mid Western Music Hall
05/06/78   East Lansing Michigan   Mariah Coffeehouse w/Ruester Rowland & O. Cody
05/26/78   Kerrville    Texas      Kerrville Folk Festival
05/28/78   Kerrville    TX         Kerrville Folk festival
07/07/78   Norman       OK         The Blue Onion
10/17/78   Manchester   MI         Black Sheep Repertory Theater
10/19/78   Chicago      IL         The Quiet Knight

03/21/79   Birmingham   AL         Unknown Venue (with Guy Clark)
05/28/79   Kerrville    Texas      Kerrville Folk Festival
08/25/79   Nashville    Tenn.      w/Ruester Rowland

01/??/80   Nashville    TN         Vanderbilt University
03/01/80   Washington   DC         The Cellar Door
03/04/80   New York     NY         Other End  
04/??/80   Athens       Georgia    The Last Resort w/R. Rowland guitar
05/07/80   Washington   DC         The Childe Harold
05/24/80   Kerrville    Texas      Kerrville Folk Festival
06/21/80   Bryn Mawr    PA         Main Point
08/15/80   Santa Monica California McCabe's Guitar Shop
??/80?-84? Louisville   Kentucky   Armando Palace w/Mickey White 

03/25/81   Houston      Texas      Rockefellers w/M. White
04/10/81   Houston      Texas      Anderson Fair Rest.  w/M. White 
04/21/81   Louisville   Kentucky   Butchertown Pub     {submitted by Steve D.} 
05/29/81   Kerrville    Texas      Kerrville Folk Festival
06/24/81   Houston      Texas      Anderson Fair Rest.  w/M. White KTRU-FM
08/01/81   Santa Monica California McCabe's Guitar Shop w/Mickey White
10/16/81   Houston      Texas      River Oaks Thea. w/M. White
??/??/81   Lewisburgh   PA         Vaughan Literature Auditorium

04/10/82   Houston      Texas      Anderson Fair w/M. White A wierd, drunken show
05/02/82   Houston      Texas      Rockefellers w/M. White & Blaze Foley
05/31/82   Kerrville    Texas      Kerrville Folk Festival
08/31/82   Austin       Texas      Austin City Limits/Pedernales Country Park (West Texas Songwriter's Special)
09/08/82   Houston      Texas      Corky's w/M. White

??/??/83   Austin       TX         Emmajoe's
01/30/83   Philadelphia PA         Cherry Tree w/M. White
02/17/83   Houston      Texas      Fitzgerald's w/M. White and Rocky Hill
09/07/83   Houston      Texas      Corky's w/M. White

03/03/84   Austin       Texas      The Cactus Cafe   
03/24/84   Austin       Texas      Soap Creek Saloon (1201 S. Congress Ave) 
04/15/84   Austin       Texas      Town Lake "Celebrate Austin Music Festival"
04/20/84   Houston      Texas      Hermann Park, Miller Outdoor Theatre w/band
04/21/84   Houston      Texas      Hermann Park, Miller Outdoor Theatre w/band
04/22/84   Houston      Texas      Anderson Fair w/band
04/25/84   Houston      Texas      Rockefeller's w/band
05/20/84   Temple       Texas      The Loading Chute (Clyde Buchanan tribute) several w/band plus Blaze Foley
05/24/84   Kerrville    Texas      Kerrville Folk Festival
07/15/84   Houston      Texas      Rockefeller's w/band
07/25/84   Houston      Texas      Rockefeller's w/band
07/27/84   Austin       Texas      Soap Creek Saloon 
08/21/84   Houston      Texas      Hermann Park w/band
08/25/84   Austin       Texas      Soap Creek Saloon 
09/29/84   Austin       Texas      Soap Creek Saloon 
11/07/84   Austin       Texas      Soap Creek Saloon 
??/??/84   San Antonio  Texas      The Beauregard    

01/12/85   Austin       Texas      Soap Creek Saloon 
03/29/85   Houston      Texas      Anderson Fair     
03/30/85   Houston      Texas      Anderson Fair     
04/06/85   Houston      Texas      Texas Music Hall (Texas Songwriters Reunion-TvZ/JJW/R.Crowell/G.Clark/M Newbury/K.T.Oslin)
04/12/85   Dallas       Texas      Arcadia Theater (Texas Songwriters Reunion-TVZ/JJW/R.Crowell/G.Clark/M Newbury/K.T.Oslin)
04/18/85   Johnson City Tennessee  The Down Home w/Donny&Mickey NPR Radio broadcast
04/19/85   Nashville    Tennessee  12th & Porter Playroom
04/20/85   New York     NY         Folk City w/M. White & D. Silverman - the night before "Live and Obscure"
04/30/85   Alexandria   VA         Unknown Venue
05/02/85   Black Mntn   North Car. McDibb's w/M. White & D. Silverman "last gig of month long tour"
05/04/85   Austin       TX         Soap Creek Saloon 
05/27/85   Kerrville    Texas      Kerrville Folk Festival
06/07/85   Houston      Texas      Anderson Fair
06/08/85   Houston      Texas      Anderson Fair
07/12/85   Austin       Texas      Soap Creek Saloon 
07/17/85   Caspar       CA         The Caspar Inn
08/24/85   Houston      Texas      Anderson Fair w/M. White
09/20/85   Nashville    TN         The Boardwalk Cafe w/D. Silverman & M. White   
11/15/85   Houston      Texas      Anderson Fair
11/16/85   Houston      Texas      Anderson Fair

03/17/86   Austin       Texas      Paramount Theatre [Jerry Jeff Walker "annual birthday bash"]
03/21/86   Oklahoma City OK        The Stage Center w/M. White & one other [Guy also performed solo]
04/18/86   Houston      TX         South Bank Restaurant
04/24/86   Kerrville    Texas      Kerrville Folk Festival
09/01/86   Houston      TX         Anderson Fair
09/02/86   Houston      TX         Anderson Fair

xx/xx/87   Mill Valley  CA         Sweetwater Saloon
01/xx/87   Nashville    TN         Cowboy Arms Hotel
04/xx/87   Nashville    TN         The Cannery
04/12/87   Atlanta      GA         Blind Willie`s
05/07/87   Houston      TX         Chelsea`s
05/29/87   Alexandria   Virginia   Birchmere 
05/31/87   Charleston   West Virg. Mountain Stage
06/01/87   Chapel Hill  North Car. Paul Green Theater, UNC (Guy and D. Olney also performed)
07/09/87   St Paul      MN         Unknown Venue
08/08/87   Edmonton     Canada     Edmonton Folk Festival (with Guy Clark)
08/09/87   Chicago      IL         WBEZ Flea Market-Navy Pier
10/22/87   Bristol      England    The Bung  
10/23/87   Brighton     England    The Richmond 
10/24/87   London       England    Mean Fiddler
10/25/87   London       England    Woolwich Tramshed Theatre
10/27/87   Trysull      England    Village Hall
10/28/87   Rotherham    England    Masborough Traveller's Rest 
10/29/87   South Shields England   New Crown Hotel
10/30/87   Edinburgh    Scotland   The Venue
10/31/87   Steenwijk    Holland    De Witte Paarden
11/02/87   Dublin       Ireland    Barry's Hotel

02/20/88   Houston      Texas      Rockefeller's  "Folk-Aid to Bail Out the Kerrville Folk Festival"
05/30/88   Kerrville    Texas      Kerrville Folk Festival
07/30/88   New York     NY         Speakeasy
08/06/88   Washington   DC         Oak Grove Music Festival
10/XX/88   Auckland     New Zealand  Leopard Tavern
10/XX/88   Auckland     New Zealand  Gluepot
10/28/88   Hamilton     New Zealand  Oranga Hall
10/XX/88   Wellington   New Zealand  James Cabaret
11/10?/88  Seattle      WA         The Back Stage w/Guy Clark 
11/13/88   Los Angeles  California   KPFK Folkscene Radio Interview w/Guy Clark Host Howard Larman
11/16/88   San Francisco California  Great American Music Hall
11/18/88   San Francisco California  Sacred Grounds Coffeehouse
12/02/88   Louisville   Kentucky   Moritz Von Bomhard Theatre Center for the Performing Arts

02/03/89   Dallas       TX         Poor David`s Pub
03/??/89   Merseyside   England    BBC Radio incl. interview
03/28/89   Trysull      England    Village Hall
04/xx/89   BFBS Studios Nightflight
04/02/89   Brighton     UK         The Richmond Pub
04/07/89   Villeurbanne France     Le Cameleon (near Lyon)
04/??/89   Brussels     Belgium    unknown venue         
04/??/89   Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany  Die Scheuer
04/12/89   Tubingen     Germany    Das Sudhaus
04/14/89   Siegen       Germany    Little Theater in Lohkasten 8pm show (Concert ad)
04/16/89   Neusudende   Germany    Gasthof Lindenhof (Pfingst festival)
05/26/89   Nashville    Tennessee  Station Inn
07/15/89   Birmingham   Alabama    Midtown Cafe
08/04/89   Houston      TX         Anderson Fair
08/05/89   Houston      TX         Anderson Fair
08/18/89   Austin       TX         Cactus Cafe
08/19/89   Austin       TX         Cactus Cafe (with Jimmy LaFave)
10/21/89   Lawrence     Kansas     Liberty Hall

03/03/90   Houston      TX         The Showbar (with the Hemmer Ridge Mountain Boys) 
03/09/90   Austin       Texas      Cactus Cafe  [with George Ensle]
03/10/90   Austin       Texas      Cactus Cafe  [with Betty Elders]
03/11/90   Austin       Texas      KUT Radio live int.             
03/14/90   Austin       Texas      Austin Music Awards at Lester E. Palmer Auditorium
05/01/90   New Haven    CT         Toad's Place  (on tour with Cowboy Junkies)                    
05/02/90   Glenside     PA         Keswick Theatre       (on tour with Cowboy Junkies)                                
05/03/90   New York     NY         Beacon Theatre    (on tour with Cowboy Junkies)
05/04/90   Boston       MA         Berkeley Performing Arts (on tour with Cowboy Junkies) 
05/05/90   Springfield  MA         Paramount Performing Arts (on tour with Cowboy Junkies) 
05/07/90   Washington   DC         George Wash. Univ. Lisner Auditorium (on tour with Cowboy Junkies)
05/08/90   Norfolk      VA         The Boathouse        (on tour with Cowboy Junkies) 
05/09/90   Raleigh      NC         Stewart Theatre, NC State University   (on tour with Cowboy Junkies) 
05/10/90   Charlotte    NC         Spirit Square       (on tour with Cowboy Junkies) 
05/11/90   Atlanta      GA         The Roxy        (on tour with Cowboy Junkies) 
05/13/90   West Palm Beach FL      Carefree Theatre (on tour with Cowboy Junkies)
05/14/90   Tampa        FL         Tampa Theatre   (on tour with Cowboy Junkies)                   
05/16/90   Birmingham   AL         Sloss Furnaces   (on tour with Cowboy Junkies)               
05/17/90   Cincinnati   OH         Bogart's        (on tour with Cowboy Junkies)                       
05/18/90   Ann Arbor    MI         Michigan Theatre   (on tour with Cowboy Junkies)                 
05/19/90   Milwaukee    WI         President's Club       (on tour with Cowboy Junkies)             
05/20/90   St. Louis    MO         Westport Playhouse   (on tour with Cowboy Junkies)            
05/22/90   Chicago      IL         The Vic Theatre   (on tour with Cowboy Junkies)                  
05/23/90   Minneapolis  MN         Orpheum Theatre  (on tour with Cowboy Junkies)                   
05/24/90   Winnipeg     Canada     Centennial Concert Hall (on tour with Cowboy Junkies)           
05/27/90   Ottawa       Canada     National Arts Center (on tour with Cowboy Junkies)            
05/28/90   Montreal     Canada     St. Denis Theatre   (on tour with Cowboy Junkies)           
06/06/90   Calgary      Canada     Jack Singer Concert Hall (Cowboy Junkies Tour)
06/12/90   Portland     Oregon     Melody Ballroom (2 shows - Cowboy Junkies tour)
06/15/90   Saratoga     California  Paul Masson Winery (Cowboy Junkies tour)
06/28/90   Austin       Texas      The Paramount (Cowboy Junkies tour)
07/28/90   Asheville    N. Carolina Downtown at Belle Chere street fest. (Guy also performed)
07/29/90   Knoxville    Tennessee  Ella Guru's
08/09/90   Shreveport   Louisiana  Enoch's Cafe 
08/10/90   Austin       Texas      Aquafest
08/26/90   Salt Lake City Utah     St. Arboretum of Utah
08/28/90   Aspen        Colorado   Wheeler Opera House
08/29/90   Boulder      Colorado   Chautauqua Park
09/08/90   Tampa        Florida    Friday Morning Musicale
09/XX/90   Auckland     New Zealand Leopard Tavern
09/XX/90   Wellington   New Zealand Paisley Park 
09/XX/90   West Coast South Island New Zealand Barrytown All Nations Hotel - N. of Greymouth
09/17/90   Auckland     New Zealand Gluepot
09/20/90   Sydney       Australia  Rose, Shamrock & Thistle (The Three Weeds) 
09/21/90   Moruya       Australia  Moruya Hall
09/22/90   Melbourne    Australia  Madigan's 
09/23/90   Melbourne    Australia  Madigan's 
10/08/90   York         England    The Winning Post
10/11/90   ??           ??         Unknown venue (I suppose this is Quasimodo-same recordings as 1990-10-25) 
10/15/90   Trysull      England    Village Hall
10/25/90   Berlin       Germany    Quasimodo
10/27/90   Utrect       NL         Tivoli
10/28/90   Nijmegen     Holland    Doornroosje (Dutch for sleeping beauty)
11/07/90   New York     New York   The Bottom Line ( with Guy Clark & Robert Earl Keen)
11/09/90   Alexandria   Virginia   The Birchmere
11/10/90   Pipersville  Pennsylvania Hearth
11/27/90   Utrecht      NL         Tivoli
12/28/90   Hilversum    NL         VPRO Studios 

01/20/91   San Francisco CA        Great American Music Hall
02/16/91   Austin       Texas      Texas Union Ballroom, Univ. of Texas [with Guy Clark/Robert Earl Keen]
04/05/91   Colorado Springs Colorado Fine Arts Center
04/06/91   Santa Fe     New Mexico Club West
04/07/91   Taos         New Mexico Kachina Lodge
04/27/91   Concord      Massachusetts Colonial Inn
04/28/91   Somerville   Massachusetts Johnny D's
05/25/91   Newland      N. Carolina Town Square
06/19/91   Washington   DC         Kennedy Center
06/27/91   Austin       Texas      Cactus Cafe 
06/28/91   Austin       Texas      Cactus Cafe 
06/29/91   Charleston   NC         Mountain Stage Radio appearance 
08/23/91   Reading      England    Reading Festival  England  [with Guy Clark & John Stewart]
08/24/91   London       England    Bloomsbury Theatre [with Guy Clark, John Stewart & Peter Rowan]
08/25/91   London       England    Bloomsbury Theatre [with Guy Clark, John Stewart & Peter Rowan]
08/26/91   Wolverhampton England   Wulfurn Hall [with Guy Clark, John Stewart & Peter Rowan]
08/28/91   Stockport    England    Romily Centrestage [with Guy Clark, John Stewart & Peter Rowan]
08/29/91   York         England    Barbican [with Guy Clark, John Stewart & Peter Rowan]
08/30/91   Perth        Scotland   Salutation Hotel [with Guy Clark, John Stewart & Peter Rowan]
08/31/91   Roscrea      Ireland    Pathe Hotel [with Guy Clark, John Stewart & Peter Rowan]
09/01/91   Dublin       Ireland    Olympia Theatre [with Guy Clark, John Stewart & Peter Rowan]
09/14/91   Yosemite     California Camp Mather Strawberry Fall Music Festival
09/15/91   Yosemite     California Camp Mather Strawberry Fall Music Festival
10/08/91   York         UK         The Winning Post
10/15/91   VARA Studios Holland    Radio Int.  
10/16/91   Heythuysen   Holland    Tom Tom Cafe
10/19/91   Hertogenbosch Holland   Willem II
10/29/91   Berlin       Germany    Estacy 
11/01/91   Nijmegen     NL         Unknown Venue
11/02/91   Amsterdam    Holland    De Melk Weg
11/21/91   Knoxville    Tennessee  Club Taboo
11/22/91   Johnson City Tennessee  The Down Home [correct date/venue?]
11/23/91   Hickory      N. Carolina Ten Years After Club
12/01/91   New York     NY         The Bottom Line

01/09/92   Amsterdam    Holland    Paradiso (Singer Songwriter Marathon)
01/10/92   Utrecht      Holland    Tivoli (Singer Songwriter Marathon)
01/11/92   Groningen    NL         de Oosterpoort (Singer Songwriter Marathon)
01/12/92   Hertogenbosch Holland   Willem II (Singer Songwriter Marathon)
02/28/92   Santa Monica California McCabe's
02/29/92   Seattle      Washington Backstage         
03/02/92   Vancouver    Canada     East Cultural Center
03/20/92   Gruene       Texas      Gruene Hall [with Guy Clark]
03/21/92   Austin       Texas      La Zona Rosa  [with Guy Clark]
05/04/92   Austin       Texas      Cactus Cafe
05/06/92   Austin       Texas      La Zona Rosa
05/08/92   Dallas       Texas      Three Teardrops Tavern (with Guy Clark, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Bobby Rambo)
05/16/92   Fallon       Nevada     Fallon Community Center  
08/29/92   Austin       Texas      Cactus Cafe  [with Michael Fracasso]
09/06/92   Houston      Texas      Main Street Theater (with Vince Bell/David Rodriguez/George Ensle)*
09/19/92   Dallas       Texas      Sons of Hermann Hall - Jeff Glover from Denton, TX opened
10/20/92   Munich       Germany    Das Amerikahaus
10/31/92   Hertogenbosch Holland   Willem II
11/03/92   Brussels     Belgium    AB Bellevue Club
11/xx/92   Ghent        Belgium    De Gele Zaal (may have been 3/11/92 ??)     
11/12/92   Austin       Texas      Cactus Cafe 
11/14/92   Luckenbach   Texas      Dance Hall
11/16/92   Houston      Texas      Unknown Venue-Singer Songwriters(with Vince Bell-George Ensle etc.)* 1992-09-06 maybe the same?
12/06/92   Boulder      Colorado   E-Town Radio Program - aired 12/25/92 also featured: John Stewart, Hazel Miller, William LH Moon
12/10/92   Columbus     Ohio       The Dell
12/11/92   Chicago      Illinois   Beat Kitchen
12/12/92   Bloomfield Hills Michigan  Birmingham Unitarian Church

03/11/93   San Antonio  TX         Fiesta
03/24/93   Austin       TX         Segway City TV Productions
04/14/93   Davis        California The Palms
04/24/93   Ames         Iowa       Farm Aid 1993
04/26/93   Austin       TX         La Zona Rosa (Townes Tribute)
04/27/93   Austin       Texas      Paramount Theatre  (with Nanci Griffith)
06/08/93   Berlin       Germany    Loft                    
06/18/93   Helsinki     Finland    Tavastia            
06/19/93   Karjaa       Finland    Country Calvacade Festival
07/16/93   Kansas City  Missouri   Nelson Adkins Museum
07/17/93   Lawrence     Kansas     Community Theatre 
07/20/93   Insch        Scotland   Station Hotel 
07/21/93   Perth        Scotland   Ak Bell Library   
07/23/93   Glasgow      Scotland   Renfrew Ferry
07/24/93   Preston      England    The Adelphi 
07/25/93   Newport      England    The Filling Station 
07/27/93   Cambridge    England    Cambridge Folk Festival
07/28/93   Cambridge    England    Cambridge Folk Festival
07/29/93   Dublin       Ireland    Whelan's
07/30/93   Galway       Ireland    Roisin Dubh 
07/31/93   Belfast      Ireland    Katy Daly`s-North Ireland
08/??/93   Heythuysen   Holland    Tom Tom Cafe
08/??/93   Lokeren      Belgium    Lokeren Music Festival 
08/??/93   Vlissingen   Holland    The Street Festival, Bellamypark stage
08/13/93   Austin       Texas      Cactus Cafe 
08/21/93   Nashville    TN         Bluebird Cafe (with Guy Clark/Gary Nicholson/Billy Joe shaver)
09/17/93   Austin       Texas      Waterloo Records [release party for "Rear View Mirror"]
09/17/93   Austin       Texas      Cactus Cafe  [with Barb Donovan]
09/18/93   Austin       Texas      Cactus Cafe 
09/19/93   Kerrville    Texas      Shriner College
10/06/93   Marburg      Germany    Kultur-Und Freizeitszentrum
10/12/93   Koln         Germany    Studiobuhne
10/19/93   Groningen    Holland    de Oosterpoort
10/20/93   Hamburg      Germany    Knust
10/23/93   Brugge       Belgium    Unknown Venue(Cactus Cafe??)
10/25/93   Eindhoven    Holland    Muziekcentrum Mr.Frits Philips
10/25/93   Eindhoven    Holland    Cafe De Buut
11/19/93   Piermont     New York   Turning Point
11/20/93   Bethlehem    Penn       Godfrey Daniels  
11/21/93   Brooklyn     New York   Prospect Park  
11/xx/93   Nashville    TN         VanDerBilt University  (guest of Nancy Griffith)
12/02/93   Austin       Texas      Cactus Cafe 
12/03/93   Austin       Texas      Cactus Cafe 
12/06/93   Stoke        England    The Wheatsheaf 
12/07/93   Glasgow      Scotland   Renfrew Ferry
12/08/93   Dublin       Ireland    Whelan's 
12/09/93   London       England    The Borderline 
12/10/93   London       England    The Borderline
xx/xx/93   San Antonio  TX         Texas Connection (TV show)
1994-xx-xx Silverton Music Festival @ the Ski Area-Silverton-CO
03/12/94   Austin       Texas      Cactus Cafe [with Calvin Russell]
03/20/94   Boulder      Colorado   E-Town Radio Program - aired 04/22/94 also featured: Patty Larkin, Chuck Forsman
04/17/94   Donegal      Ireland    McGrory`s-Culdaff
04/18/94   Galway       Ireland    Roisin Dubh
04/19/94   Cork         Ireland    The Lobby`s Bar
04/20/94   Dublin       Ireland    Whelan's Pub 
04/21/94   Belfast      Northern   Ireland
04/22/94   Roscrea      Ireland    The Pathe Hotel
04/23/94   Islington London England Union Chapel
04/25/94   Bristol      England    Fleece & Firkin
04/26/94   Dudley       England    The Robin Hood
04/28/94   Chester      England    Telfords Warehouse
04/29/94   Southport    England    Southport Arts Centre
04/30/94   Galway       Ireland    Roisin Dubh (?)
05/01/94   Salthill     Ireland    Sacre Coeur Hotel
05/02/94   Belfast      Ireland    Ulster Hall [with Jimmie Dale Gilmore/Darden Smith]
05/03/94   York         England    The Winning Post
05/04/94   Middlesboro  England    Ladle Hotel Ballroom
05/05/94   Aberdeen     Scotland   The Lemon Tree
05/06/94   Perth        Scotland   New County Hotel
05/07/94   Glasgow      Scotland   King Tut's Wah Wah Hut
05/08/94   Manchester   England    Band On The Wall 
05/18/94   San FranciscoCalifornia Slims (w/Downy Mildew)
05/19/94   Ventura      California Nicholby's Nightclub
05/20/94   Berkeley     California Freight & Salvage
05/22/94   Seattle      Washington Backstage         
05/23/94   Portland     Oregon     Blue Heart Cafe (Steve Young opened)
08/21/94   Koln         Germany    Popkomm Festival @ Tingle Tangle
08/28/94   Chicago      Illinois   Schubas Tavern
09/30/94   Austin       Texas      La Zona Rosa
10/01/94   San Antonio  Texas      San Antonio Folk Festival
10/31/94   Oslo         Norway     The Cruise Cafe
11/01/94   Bergen       Norway     The Garage
11/02/94   Moss         Norway     Lucky Luke
11/03/94   Heythuysen   Holland    Tom Tom Cafe
11/04/94   Rotterdam    Holland    Rotown
11/06/94   Ludenscheid  Germany    Haus der Jugen
11/07/94   Frankfurt    Germany    Negativ         
11/08/94   Koln         Germany    Underground
11/09/94   Bochum       Germany    Bahnhof Langendreer
11/10/94   Hamburg      Germany    Knust
11/11/94   Berlin       Germany    Marquee
11/12/94   Bielefeld    Germany    Jugendzentrum Kamp
11/13/94   Nurnberg     Germany    Komm
11/14/94   Dresden      Germany    Star-Club
11/15/94   Frankfurt    Germany    Negativ
11/16/94   Karlsruhe    Germany    Club Jubez
11/17/94   Linz         Austria    Posthof
11/18/94   Wien         Austria    Szene Wien
11/20/94   Basal        Switzerland Kulturwerkstatt Kaserne
11/21/94   Munchen      Germany    Muffathalle
11/22/94   Ulm          Switzerland Roxy
11/23/94   Salzburg     Austria    Kulturgelande Nonntal
11/24/94   Bern         Switzerland ISC Club
11/25/94   Freiburg     Switzerland Jazzhaus
11/26/94   La Chaud De Fonds Switzerland Bikini Test
11/28/94   Ljubijana    Slovenia   Klub K4
11/29/94   Torino       Italy      Folk Club
11/30/94   Cesena       Italy      Teatro Bogart
12/01/94   Ascona       Switzerland  Teatro San Materno
12/02/94   Sesto Calende Italy     Teatro La Marne
12/03/94   Genova       Italy      Teatro Albatros
12/04/94   Veronese     Italy      Pesina/Caprino - House of the Rising Sun - private concert
12/06/94   Belfast      Ireland    New Rotterdam
12/07/94   Dublin       Ireland    Whelans
12/08/94   Leicester    England    Phoenix Arts Theater (Michael Weston King opening)
12/09/94   Manchester   England    University (Michael Weston King opening)
12/10/94   London       England    Union Chapel Project (Michael Weston King opening)
12/11/94   Glasgow      Scotland   King Tuta Wah Wah Hut
12/12/94   Perth        Scotland   The County Hotel
12/12/94   Edinburgh    Scotland   Assembly Rooms (??? 2 shows a day/Wrong date ???)
12/17/94   Chicago      Illinois   Lunar Cabaret

01/08/95   Charleston   W. Virginia Mountain Stage Radio - aired 02/24/95
01/15/95   Hanau        Germany    Alter Slachthof (?? wrong date)
01/17/95   Austin       TX         Austin Music Network (same as 1995-01-20??)
01/19/95   Austin       TX         Cactus Cafe (with Mark ?)
01/20/95   Austin       Texas      KGRS Radio Session
01/20/95   Austin       Texas      Cactus Cafe (w/ Richard Dobson)
01/21/95   Austin       Texas      Cactus Cafe (w/ Barb Donovan)
01/22/95   Austin       Texas      KUT Radio (w/ Richard Dobson)
01/22/95   Austin       Texas      Cactus Cafe 
01/26/95   Dallas       Texas      Poor David`s Pub
02/10/95   Santa Monica California McCabes 
02/12/95   Reno         Nevada     Hacienda Del Sol
02/16/95   San Francisco California Gt Amer. Music Hall  
02/17/95   Davis        California The Palms  
02/18/95   Santa Cruz   California Live Soup
02/20/95   Eugene       Oregon     John Henrys  
02/23/95   Portland     Oregon     E. Ave. Tav. 
02/24/95   Seattle      Washington The Backstage
02/25/95   Juneau       Alaska     Northern Light Church
03/08/95   Westborough  Mass.      Old Vienna Kaffeehaus
03/09/95   Middleton    Mass.      Allegro Cafe
03/10/95   New York     New York   The Bottom Line
03/11/95   Philadelphia Penn.      Tin Angel 8:30 & 10:00 
03/12/95   Bethlehem    Penn.      Godfrey Daniel's       
03/15/95   Piermont     New York   The Turning Point      
03/18?/95  Norwood      Mass.      The Norwood Theater
03/19/95   Somerville   Mass.      Johnny D's
03/22/95   Ann Arbor    Mich.      The Ark   
03/30/95   Nashville    TN         12th & Porter (Gillian Welch & David Rawlings opening)
04/17/95   Nashville    TN         12th & Porter
06/08/95   Kerrville    Texas      Kerrville Folk Festival [Writers In The Round with: Linda Lowe, David Broza, David Amram]
06/09/95   Austin       Texas      Cactus Cafe [with Jill Sobule]
06/10/95   Austin       Texas      Cactus Cafe [with Will T Massey]
06/15/95   Lexington    Kentucky   Kentucky Theatre 
06/16/95   Ashland      Kentucky   Paramount Arts Center
06/17/95   Cincinnati   OH         Southgate House
07/11/95   Wien         Austria    Die Szene
07/30/95   Nurnberg     Germany    Bardentreffen
07/31/95   Gelting      Germany    Kultur im Hinterhalt
08/21/95   Columbus     OH         Barley's (with Tim Easton)
09/13/95   Nashville    Tennessee  Bluebird Cafe(with Guy Clark, Steve Earle, Emmylou Harris)
10/06/95   Port Townsend WA        Siren's Port
10/07/95   Seattle  WA  Backstage
10/08/95   Portland     Oregon     Aladdin Theatre 
10/09/95   Eugene       Oregon     John Henrys  
10/11/95   La Grande    LA         Highway 30 Coffee Company
10/12/95   Boise        ID         Old Boise Music Store 
10/13/95   Challis      ID         Challis Jr High
10/14/95   Missoula     MT         Univ. Montana  
10/15/95   Bozeman      MT         Gallatin Getaway
10/25/95   Kansas City  MO         The Drum Room
10/26/95   St. Louis    MO         Off Broadway
10/27/95   Chicago      IL         Schubas
10/28/95   Madison      WI         Club De Wash
10/29/95   Pontiac      MI         7th House 
11/02/95   Bethlehem    PA         Godfrey Daniels
11/03/95   Philadelphia PA         The Tin Angel
11/04/95   Norwood      MA         Norwood Theater
11/05/95   Northampton  MA         The Iron Horse
11/06/95   New York     NY         The Bottom Line
11/09/95   Tromso       Norway     Bla Rock Cafe                 
11/13/95   Brussels     Belgium    Bellevue Club
11/15/95   Frankfurt/Hanau Germany Schweinehalle (?Alter Slachthof) 
11/16/95   Tübingen, G  Germany    Sudhaus
11/17/95   Luzern       Switzerland BOA Kulturzentrum
11/18/95   Ulm          Germany    Altes Theater
11/19/95   Ingolstadt   Germany    Neue Welt
11/20/95   Munich       Germany    Muffathalle
11/21/95   Erlangen     Germany    E-Werk
11/22/95   Schorndorf   Germany    Manufaktur
11/23/95   Niederstetten Germany   Kult
11/24/95   Köln, G      Germany    Bürgerhaus Kalk
11/25/95   Krefeld      Germany    Cafe Konkurs
11/26/95   Hamburg      Germany    Knust
11/27/95   Bonn         Germany    Jazz Galerie
11/28/95   Marburg      Germany    Kultur & Freizeitzentrum
11/29/95   Berlin       Germany    Loft
11/30/95   Dresden      Germany    Star Club
12/01/95   Halle        Germany    Objekt 5
12/02/95   Göttingenn   Germany 
12/03/95   Nijmegen     Netherlands O-42
12/05/95   Stoke        England    The Wheatsheaf
12/07/95   Glasgow      Scotland   The Renfrew Ferry
12/08/95   Dublin       Ireland    Whelan`s
12/09/95   London       England    The Borderline
12/10/95   London       England    The Borderline

01/19/96   Austin       Texas      Cactus Cafe                9:45 (Richard Dobson opened)
01/20/96   Austin       Texas      Cactus Cafe                9:45 (Richard Dobson is also there)
01/26/96   Houston      Texas      The Mucky Duck             9:30
01/27/96   Dallas       Texas      Poor David's Pub           8:00
02/03/96   Toronto, Ontario  CAN   Bathurst St. Theatre       9:30
03/21/96   Sante Fe     New Mexico Old Sante Fe Music Hall    8:30
04/10/96   Kansas City  Missouri   Drum Room                  7:30&10:00 w/Guy Clark
04/11/96   Minneapolis  Minn.      Fineline Lounge            8:00&10:00 w/Guy Clark 
04/12/96   Madison      Wisc.      East End                   8:00&10:00 w/Guy Clark 
04/13/96   Chicago      Illinois   Old Town School of Folk Music 7:00&10:00 w/Guy Clark  
04/14/96   Ann Arbor    Mich.      The Ark                    7:30&9:00 w/Guy Clark
04/27/96   Dallas       Texas      Sons of Herman Hall        9:00 - Butch Hancock opened
05/03/96   Austin       Texas      Cactus Cafe  [with Beaver Nelson]
05/04/96   Austin       Texas      Cactus Cafe  [with Carrie Newcomer]
05/05/96   Corpus Christi Texas    Executive Surf Club               
05/10/96   Galveston    Texas      The Old Quarter (opening night of Rex's new club)
05/14/96   Houston      Texas      Mucky Duck
06/18/96   Alexandria   Virginia   The Birchmere
06/23/96   Nashville    TN         The Ryman (Walter Hyatt tribute)
07/11/96   Carrboro     N. Carolina The Cat's Cradle ($8)
07/12/96   Cheraw       S. Carolina Theatre On The Green (w/Two Dollar Guitar)
07/13/96   Johnson City Tennessee  The Down Home
07/14/96   Atlanta      Georgia    Blind Willie's
07/20/96   Insch        Scotland   Station Hotel
07/21/96   Perth        Scotland   AK Bell Library
07/23/96   Glasgow      Scotland   The Renfrew Ferry
07/24/96   Preston      Wales      The Adelphi
07/25/96   Newport      Wales      The Filling Station
07/27/96   Cambridge    England    Cambridge Folk Fest. Grounds of Hinton Hall
07/28/96   Cambridge    England    Cambridge Folk Fest. Grounds of Hinton Hall
07/29/96   Dublin       Ireland    Whelans
07/30/96   Galway       Ireland    Roisin Dubh
07/31/96   Balfast      Ireland    The Limelight
08/01/96   Culdaff      Ireland    McGrory's
08/02/96   Limerick     Ireland    TBC
08/03/96   Cork Ireland            The Lobby Bar
08/08/96   Davis        CA         The Palms Playhouse
08/09/96   Reno         Nevada     Little Waldorf Saloon
08/10/96   Berkeley     CA         The Freight & Salvage **postponed due to power outage**
08/11/96   Berkeley     CA         The Freight & Salvage [w/Cache Valley Drifters]
08/16/96   Santa Monica CA         The Ashgrove
09/28/96   Eureka Springs AR       City Auditorium [Original Ozark Folk Festival with Jim/Royann Calvin]  
10/03/96   Houston      Texas      The Mucky Duck
10/05/96   Galveston    Texas      The Old Quarter [with Jim/Royann Calvin]
10/09/96   Dallas       Texas      Poor David's Pub 8pm [with Jim/Royann Calvin]
10/10/96   Granbury     Texas      Granbury Opera House 2 shows w/Ray Hubbard and Terry Allen
10/11/96   Austin       Texas      The Cactus Cafe [with Jim & Royann Calvin]
10/12/96   Austin       Texas      The Cactus Cafe [with Richard Dobson and The Calvins]
10/31/96   Oslo         Norway     The Cruise Cafe
11/01/96   Trondheim    Norway     Alex Music Cafe 
11/03/96   Amsterdam    Holland    Winston Kingdom
11/04/96   Rotterdam    Holland    Rotown
11/05/96   Hamburg      Germany    Knust
11/06/96   Hamburg      Germany    Knust
11/07/96   Berlin       Germany    Huxley's 
11/08/96   Berlin       Germany    Huxley's
11/09/96   Dresden      Germany    Star Club
11/10/96   Solingen     Germany    Cornish Pub Steinenhaus
11/11/96   Bonn         Germany    Jazz-Galerie
11/12/96   Munster      Germany    Odeon
11/13/96   Nijmegen Netherlands    O 42
11/15/96   Hannover     Germany    Cafe Glocksee
11/16/96   Bielefeld    Germany    Kamp 
11/17/96   Utrecht      Holland    Tivoli
11/18/96   Munchen      Germany    Muffathalle
11/19/96   Wurzburg     Germany    AKW
11/20/96   Schorndorf   Germany    Manufaktur
11/21/96   Nurnberg     Germany    Hirsch
11/22/96   Burghausen   Germany    Jazzkeller
11/23/96   Innsbruck    Austria    Kulturgasthos Bierstindl
11/24/96   Wien         Austria    Szene
11/25/96   Ingolstadt   Germany    Kleinkunstbunne Neue Welt
11/26/96   CH-Zug       Switzerland    Theatre-Casina
11/27/96   Konstanz     Germany    Kulturladen
11/28/96   CH-Bern      Switzerland    ISC Club
11/29/96   Koln         Germany    Underground
11/30/96   Bochum       Germany    Bahnhof Langendreer
12/01/96   Offenbach    Germany    MTW
12/03/96   London       England    Borderline

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