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Annual Sowthistle
(Sonchus oleraceus)


Biology and Management

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Annual Sowthistle Seedling (link to large image)

Annual Sowthistle Flower (link to large image)

Annual Sowthistle Seedling Annual Sowthistle Flower

Annual Sowthistle Mature Plant (link to large image)

Annual or common sowthistle is an annual, erect, fleshy plant that grows 1 to 4 feet tall. This plant was introduced from Europe and is found throughout the western United States.  It is common in vacant lots, roadsides, and in cultivated fields and gardens.  Basal leaves are stalked and all but the upper leaves are deeply lobed. Flower heads are numerous and pale yellow.
Mature Annual Sowthistle Plant Description

This section contains information on identification of the different life stages of Annual Sowthistle.  Select Biology and Management from the Contents Menu for more information on the biology and management, or select Registered Herbicides for the herbicides that are registered to control this weed in mint.