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Biology and Management of Annual Sowthistle


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Annual or Common Sowthistle

  General Description:

  • Erect, fleshy plant that grows 1 to 4 feet tall.
  • Basal leaves are stalked while upper leaves clasp the stems.
  • All but the upper leaves are deeply lobed with 1 to 3 lobes along each side.
  • Flower heads are numerous and pale yellow, 1/4 to 3/4 inches wide.
  • Seeds are flat and ribbed lengthwise.
  • Tuft of fine hairs allows wind-borne dissemination.

Life cycle:

  • Annual

Habitat/ Distribution/ Crops associated with:

  • Introduced from Europe.
  • Found throughout the western United States.
  • Occur in vacant lots, roadsides, cultivated fields and gardens.

Herbicide Control Notes:

Gramoxone plus Goal, Sinbar, or Karmex/Direx is effective.