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Submitting Samples

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Keep Samples Cool

Keep the soil samples cool.

At the end of the sampling event, the soil should be shaken from the roots, mixed thoroughly and approximately one quart of soil should be placed in a strong water proof (plastic or plastic lined) bag. Double bagging may be desirable in some instances. Roots can be placed in the same bag with the soil to prevent them from drying out. Two large handfuls of roots/rhizomes makes a good root sample, provided that mass of roots is a composite from several spots in the field. Samples should be kept cool at all times. On a warm day, place samples in the shade or in an ice chest. Never leave samples exposed to the sun in the field or in the back of a truck. Do not allow samples to dry out. Many extraction procedures require that the nematodes are alive and active to be extracted properly. If nematodes die between the time they are removed from the field and the time they are extracted by the nematode analysis laboratory, an underestimate of the population actually present in the field will be reported back to the grower. Send samples in to be analyzed as soon as possible. If samples must be kept for a short period, place them in a cool place such as a refrigerator. Label samples on the outside of the bag or place written information between double bags. Never put information on a piece of paper and place it in with the soil. It will probably disintegrate before the lab has a chance to read it.