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Nematode Species

Mint Nematode

Northern Root-knot Nematode

Pin Nematode

Ring Nematode

Root-Lesion Nematode

Stubby-Root Nematode

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This section contains information on the biology of nematodes that parasitize mint. Select a nematode species from the contents menu for more information on life cycles, feeding behavior, population dynamics, and symptoms and effects on plant growth.

This information was modified from Russell Ingham and Kathy Merrifield. 1996. A Guide to Nematode Biology and Management in Mint. Integrated Plant Protection Center, Oregon State University, Corvallis. Pub. No. 996. 38 p

nemafigure6x.gif (28928 bytes)

Representation of nematodes feeding on a mint root. A = adult female northern root-knot nematode in gall, B = second stage juveniles of northern root-knot nematode invading root, C = pin nematodes, D = root-lesion nematode inside root and forming lesion, E = root-lesion nematodes in stages of invading root, F = stubby-root nematode, G = ring nematode, H = mint nematode. Nematode sizes are in proportion to one another but actual root size is reduced for ease of illustration.