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(Capsella bursa-pastoris)


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Shepherdspurse Seedling Shepherdspurse Flowers


Shepherdspurse is an annual with erect stems that grow 3 - 18 inches tall from a basal rosette. Small white flowers are present at the end of long racemes (flowers arranged along a stem on individual stalks) early spring - September. Fruits are flattened and heart-shaped. A single plant may produce over 1,000 long-lived seeds. Seeds germinate early spring, summer, and early fall. Cotyledons are egg-shaped. Young rosettes have variable degree of lobes on the leaves and older leaves are more deeply lobed.   Plants die soon after fruiting. Common in mint, wheat, alfalfa, and cultivated vegetables, and along roadsides and waste areas.
Shepherdspurse Mature Plant Description

This section contains information on identification of the different life stages of Shepherdpurse.  Select Biology and Management from the Contents Menu for more information on the biology and management, or select Registered Herbicides for the herbicides that are registered to control this weed in mint.