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Asteraceae (Matricaria matricarioides)


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Pineappleweed Seedling (link to large image)

Pineappleweed Flowers (link to large image)

Pineappleweed Seedling Pineappleweed Flowers

 Pineappleweed Mature Plant (link to large image)

Pineappleweed is a summer or winter annual that reproduces by seed.  The seeds germinate early spring to early fall.   Young plants form a rosette. Flowers are present from May to September. The plants are bushy with finely divided leaves. Mature plants have elongated branching stems with alternate leaves. The flowers are yellow-green, rounded or conical shaped. Crushed leaves have a pineapple scent. This weed is native to the Pacific coast and is now widely distributed in the United States. It is most common in perennial crops such as mint, turfgrass, landscape and nursery crops.  This species tolerates compact soil and mowing.
Pineappleweed Mature Plant


This section contains information on identification of the different life stages of Pineapple Weed.  Select Biology and Management from the Contents Menu for more information on the biology and management, or select Registered Herbicides for the herbicides that are registered to control this weed in mint.