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Hairy Nightshade
Solanaceae (
Solanum sarrachoides)


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Hairy Nightshade Seedlings (link to large image)

Hairy Nightshade Flower and Berries (link to large image)

Hairy Nightshade Seedling Hairy Nightshade Flower and Berries

Hairy Nightshade (link to large image)

Hairy nightshade is an annual with plant growth beginning in early summer.  It is found in waste areas and in cultivated fields. This species contains toxic alkaloids, especially in the berries.   The mature plants are 12 to 24 inches tall.  The foliage is spreading, hairy, and may feel sticky when handled. Flowers have 5 white petals with yellow centers that develop into green fruit containing very small seeds. Each berry is enclcosed by an enlarging green calyx. As the fruit matures, the calyx cups the lower half of the greenish or yellowish fruit.

Hairy Nightshade Mature Plant


This section contains information on identification of the different life stages of Hairy Nightshade.  Select Biology and Management from the Contents Menu for more information on the biology and management, or select Registered Herbicides for the herbicides that are registered to control this weed in mint.