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Black Nightshade
Solanaceae (
Solanum nigrum)


Biology and Management

Registered Herbicides

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Black Nightshade Seedling (link to large image)

Black Nightshade Berries (link to large image)

Black Nightshade Seedling Black Nightshade Berries

Black Nightshade (link to large image)

Black nightshade is an annual. Erect glabrous or hairy stems 1/2 to 2 feet tall. Leaves are smooth to wavy edged. Young leaves often deep purple underneath. White or pale-blue flowers resemble those of potato or tomato.
Black Nightshade Mature Plant Description

This section contains information on identification of the different life stages of Black Nightshade.  Select Biology and Management from the Contents Menu for more information on the biology and management, or select Registered Herbicides for the herbicides that are registered to control this weed in mint.