Townes Van Zandt's Untitled performed by:

Type of Recording 	Song Title - Performer (Source)
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original record  	Untitled - Broza, David (CD Night Dawn-The Unpublished Poetry Of Townes Van Zandt)

Upon My Soul

tribute or wake  	Upon My Soul - Little Angel & the Bonecrashers (10th annual tribute @ Teatro Dell Oratorio-Figino Serenza-Italy-2013-10-26)
tribute or wake  	Upon My Soul - Mandolin Brothers, the & Friends (12th annual tribute @ Teatro Sacro Cuore-Figino Serenza-Italy-2016-01-31)
live performance  	Upon My Soul - Stash Wyslough Stringband, the (live @ St.Paul Lutherans Church-Brooklyn-NY-2015-01-08)

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