GRASSLinks 3.2beta: Public Access GIS

GRASSLinks is a World Wide Web interface to a geographic information system (GIS), offering public access to mapped information. GRASSLinks provides GIS display and analysis tools to facilitate data sharing and cooperation between environmental planning agencies, public action groups, citizens, and private entities. The OSU IPPC version of this page is index.html which includes all OSU IPPC project datasets, which can serve as additional examples of GRASSLinks capabilities.

  • Review the GIS data layers that can be viewed and analyzed in GRASSLINKS.
  • Select any of the IPPC geodatabases listed below to begin GRASSLinks:
    Left side - full selection of available maplayers and options Right side - shortcut with mostly preselected options
    GRASS Global dataset
    (a small default global dataset for getting familiar with GRASS)
    GRASS Spearfish dataset
    (a default dataset for getting familiar with GRASS)

    GRASSLinks was originally developed by Dr. Susan Huse at the Research Program in Environmental Planning and GIS (REGIS), at the University of California, Berkeley. GRASSLinks is based on the Open Source GIS software GRASS, orig. from the US Army Corps of Engineers.

    Disclaimer: Use of GRASSLinks and the data accessed by it is provided as-is without any guarantees of quality, completeness, currentness, or performance. For more information, see the GRASSLinks (c) Copyright and Disclaimer.

  • Further Information About GRASSLinks
  • Visit REGIS at the University of California, Berkeley
  • Also visit GRASSLINKS at Osaka Univ.
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