Re: about-townes: lightnin'
            Tue, 08 Apr 1997 14:44:36 +0200
            Hermann Wüst 

Thank you for admitting me to your list.
Living in a small provincial town in northwest Germany (70 kilometres
from Cologne), I had the chance to see Townes playing in the
"Jugendzentrum Luedenscheid" about two and a half years ago. Shy and
solemn as he was he sent shivers down the spines of everybody listening.
He played a two-hour set with a short break and seemed quite amused by
the fact that the audience listened quietly, no one talking at all
throughout the concert. He played many of his older songs and nearly all
of the tracks on "No deeper blue". When he introduced "Lullaby" he spoke
about his little daughter and one could feel that he was suffering from
homesickness. I`ve never seen (and certainly never will see) an artist
less pretentious and more modest than him. That evening we all felt the
"purity of the bare word".
A German TV-station recorded the concert, but until now it has not been
shown anywhere on German TV.