Colorado Bound

by Townes Van Zandt

It's a mighty lonesome feeling, listening to the wind a-howlin'
Watchin' raindrops come a-fallin' to the pavement outside your door
It's a fool I am for waitin' for the sound of your returnin'
For the sound of gentle breathin', footsteps 'cross the floor

I can remain no longer, I'm headed out to Colorado
When the sun brings in the mornin', I'll be leavin' on my way
The grass is growin' green here, a warm wind's rollin' down the mountain
Down inside some lonesome canyon, that's where I mean to stay

If you ever come to Denver, Mama please don't try to find me
All you'll do is just remind me of the way you let me down
Dreams they're easily shattered, but you've got to go on livin'
And maybe that's the reason, I'm Colorado bound