Night Train

by Townes Van Zandt

Night Train
Night Train
Whoa, catch me a night train
Take me a ride
Haul me on over to the other side
She said she loved me
I believe she lied
I'm long gone now
Got me a night train ride

Well I stopped in Denver
Ate some scrambled eggs
She smelled my breath
I saw her legs
Shot some craps, some dice, some dope
Don't ask me to tell you
If you don't know

I hit the streets
And then the skids
I didn't get drunk
And then I did
At 4AM
I found an alley I knew
I left one bottle
And I left one shoe

So I blew that town
I was on a roar
I felt my teeth
The pain, the gore
I loved a woman
And I loved a horse
Down in Santa Fe
Ain't it funny now
As time goes by
I remember the horses name

Paper moons and pretty pies
Movin on down the line
Through the wind
And through the rain
Takin the old
Night train ride
Takin the night train ride

Now I'm goin
I don't know where
But I know that night train
Will still be there
When I need a ride
Catch it night or day
Old Mr. Night Train
Headin our way...