about-townes: Belated input
          Mon, 14 Jul 1997 20:27:50 +0100
          "Clive Fleckner" 


I have subscribed to this list for the last few weeks and have read with
interest all your comments,thoughts,etc.I felt it was time for a bit of
input from the old U.K.,so here goes;-
I first came across  Townes' work through another friend of ours Guy Clark
and also Emmylou.I wsa much impressed but could at the time find little if
anything about the Man.Imagine the delight,when during the Autumn of 1994
(that's Fall to you Ex Colonials) a flyer came through the post,advertising
a gig by TVZ at a little Arts Theatre in Leicester about 20 miles from
where I live!
Ticket duly purchased,I arrived to find the place packed!(full).TVZ played
the second set after a really non-discript opening act which drove many (me
included) early to the bar! But I am glad they did ,otherwise I would not
have had a chance to meet a tall,thin,painfully shy man ,who hung around
the merchandise stall ,carefully watching the sales of his latest C.D. (No
Deeper Blue).A genuine guy who seemed amazed that so many people had come
out to see him on a cold December night
Clive Fleckner-(some more thoughts to follow.)

          about-townes: belated input part 2

The second and last time I saw TVZ was about this time last year at the
Cambridge Folk Festival.After a somewhat shakey start he did a fifty minute
set which had the crowd eating out of his hand.He told his joke about the
three brothers/three drinks and
really enjoyed himself .He over ran and the M.C.was  trying to persuade him
to leave the stage.He only left when he was finished and promised he would
return this year..................

the previous year we had had Guy Clark,last year TVZ,this year we still
have a connection......Steve Earle (I'm gonna stand on Bob Dylan's coffee
table in my cowboy boots,etc).
I will sign up for a copy of "Last Songs",Jeanene,if you do a reprint.
b wayne melton sounds a good guy,should i have heard of you? are you one of

Clive Fleckner