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Len Coop

Leonard B. Coop - Personal/Professional Home Page
Assistant Professor (Senior Research), M.S. & PhD Entomology
Dept. Botany/Plant Pathology
Associate Director, Decision Support Systems, IPPC (Integrated Plant Protection Center)
Oregon State University
Corvallis Oregon
USA 97331-2907
phone: (541) 737-5523
fax: (541) 737-3080

  • I do research and Extension related work in IPM (Integrated Pest Management), particularly in the areas of systems modeling and decision support systems.
  • Research and outreach areas have recently included:
    • Conservation Biological Control in Caneberries
    • Climate change effects on swiss needle cast in PNW Douglas-fir forests
    • Development and implementation of pest models and virtual weather for IPM and plant biosecurity
    • Modeling and decision support for IPM, plant biosecurity, and invasive species management
  • I supervise and help develop models and other web-based decision support tools for various projects, including:
    1. IPM Pest and Plant Disease Models and Forecasting - for Agricultural, Pest management, and Plant Biosecurity Decision Support in the US, including:
      • Online phenology models and degree-day calculator. Delivery of 16,000+ online weather stations in 50 states linked with >100 models for insects, plant diseases, weeds, and crops (as of July 2013)
      • Online daily degree-day maps. GIS/mapping and degree-day modeling system for the US
      • US degree-day mapping calculator (make custom degree-day maps online)
      • Grass Seed Stem Rust Model - With Bill Pfender, USDA Plant Pathologist. Spring-Summer 2004, updated yearly
      • Swiss Needlecast Model for Coast Range Douglas-fir - By Len Coop and Jeff Stone, OSU Botany and Plant Pathology Dept, version V4, Summer 2008
    2. IPMP 3.0 Insect Pest Management on Peppermint Decision Support System, including MINTSIM cutworm damage, threshold, and sampling simulation model (completed July 2, 2002)
    3. IPPC GRASSLinks: Public Access GIS - for environmental and pest management decision making in the Northwest (under development; first released August 2001)
  • I do much of the hardware and software support for my projects
    • Intel, AMD (hardware)
    • Linux, UNIX, Windows (operating systems)
    • phenology models, plant disease infection risk models, simulation models, GRASS GIS, database (programming)
    • Perl, UNIX shell scripts, C, Pascal (server side)
    • HTML, Javascript, CSS (client side)
    • webpage and web graphics design
  • Member of ESA (Entomological Society of America), APS (American Phytopathological Society), NPDN (National Plant Diagnostics Network), Western Weather Systems Workgroup (since 2004) and WERA102 "Climate Data and Analyses for Applications in Agriculture and Natural Resources" (since 2008). Download: Hobbies:
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