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info K0HYD Goddard KS  station: AU510 APRSWXNET elev: 1404 ft  lat/long: 37.6642 -97.6100
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 pea (yellow-det. or indet. growth)
Miller MSU, Miller et al. 2001
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Weather data QA score 1.00; 0 days missing
Date DDs Event
 May 9 14 days ago 1820 6.1-10% of flowers visible, 12 to 16 nodes
 May 16 7 days ago 2120 7.1-10% of pods are final size
 May 26 3 days away 2420 8.1-10% of bottom pods are yellow to brown. Upper pods still green
 Jun 1 9 days away 2660 8.9-90% of seeds started to change color (specks or solid). Bottom 1/3 ripe, middle 1/3 yellow-tan and seeds dry and firm
 Jun 3 11 days away 2750 9.2-Direct harvest. Plants of broadleafs rip and dry

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